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Woman 'Obsessed' With True Crime Allegedly Killed & Dismembered Another Woman 'Out Of Curiousity'

Woman 'Obsessed' With True Crime Allegedly Killed & Dismembered Another Woman 'Out Of Curiousity'

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A woman said to be “obsessed” with true crime television shows has been accused of murder in South Korea after allegedly luring a tutor to her brutal death and dismemberment.

On Wednesday of last week, police in the city of Busan, South Korea announced they arrested a 23-year-old woman identified as Jung Yoo-jung (pictured above, in her mugshot). According to the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, a police spokesperson in Busan confirmed Jung has been accused of stabbing another unnamed woman to death. The Korea Times further reported that Jung was officially indicted in court on the murder charge on Friday.

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Per the original newspaper’s reporting, Jung was said to have consumed true crime content to the point of obsession prior to the killing. A police spokesperson speaking to the paper said the murder media obsession got to an unhealthy point:

“Jung was found to have premeditated the crime driven by a desire to kill someone after she became obsessed with murder from TV programs and books.”

Busan police claim Jung not only confessed the murder to them, but she claims to have allegedly done it “out of curiosity” to see what it would be like to kill someone after watching so much true crime content.


Cops have not identified the woman who was murdered. However, they did say she was a “freelance tutor” who Jung allegedly “found online” at some point in recent weeks. The accused killer reportedly “posed as the mother of a ninth grader” who was said to be seeking a private English tutor for her daughter.

Per Chosun Ilbo, police have uncovered phone records that show Jung allegedly searched online for tips on “how to hide a corpse” ahead of the slaying. She even supposedly checked out library books and watched more true crime shows in order to “learn how to kill someone,” Busan police claim.

When it came time for the killing, Jung told the tutor that she would send her “daughter” to the woman’s house for a consultation. Jung herself was the one who showed up, though. She was dressed in a school uniform she bought online for the occasion.

A police spokesperson reported on the get-up to Chosun Ilbo:

“Jung is short, and with the uniform on, the victim probably mistook her for a middle-school student.”

Not suspecting anything amiss, the woman let Jung into her home. At that point, the accused killer reportedly “stabbed her with a knife.” Then, after the woman’s death, Jung allegedly dismembered the corpse, placed the body parts in bags, and carried them out of the home in a suitcase.

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From there, she took a taxi to a wooded area near the Nakdong River in Busan. Once there, she allegedly dumped the body parts and left. The taxi driver apparently became suspicious about the suitcase and called the cops.

When police tracked down Jung, they found a “remaining part” of the victim’s body at the accused killer’s home. They also found the victim’s personal items, per that police spokesperson:

“In order to make it look like the victim had disappeared, Jung kept the victim’s mobile phone, ID card and wallet, attempting to commit a perfect crime.”

When questioned, Jung first claimed she killed the unidentified woman after an argument. But as police began to interrogate her further, she reportedly caved and confessed to the full extent of the crime — and her morbid curiosity.

Now, cops are investigating further, per the law enforcement spokesperson:

“Jung also said she feels sorry for what she did. We are conducting tests to see if she is a psychopath.”


As for speaking out in her own words, Jung simply had this to say to the Korea Times when questioned by reporters:

“I think I was out of my mind.”

No kidding.

We send our condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of the unnecessarily murdered woman.


[Image via Busan Police]

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