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Woman Who Stabbed Boyfriend 108 Times Says They're Really 'BOTH To Blame'

Woman Who Stabbed Boyfriend 108 Times Says They're 'BOTH To Blame'

The woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death and was sentenced to probation earlier this year has some BOLD things to say in her defense.

Bryn Spejcher‘s trial was the talk of the nation in January after she was given only probation for the death of her boyfriend Chad O’Melia. That was after stabbing him 108 times with three different knives, mind you. She also killed her dog, Aria, before she tried to take her own life by stabbing herself in the neck. The entire hysteric event left cops having to tase her and hit her with a baton SEVERAL times before they were able to disarm her and get to her boyfriend and dog’s bodies. So, so awful.

Bryn blamed the attack on marijuana-induced psychosis — leaving a judge to sentence her only to community service, much to the dismay of the victim’s family.

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After all the shocking news coverage, though, Spejcher is ready to tell her own story. For the first time since she was sentenced — to 100 hours community service — the 33-year-old spoke out to What does she claim happened? First, she described her late lover as “angry, intimidating,” and sometimes even physically aggressive. She suggested to the interviewer he may have even non-consensually choked her during sex, but she refused to elaborate on that when asked, only stating he “put his hands on me during an intimate moment.”

She described O’Melia as intimidating, saying she felt “pressured” by him to join in on his regular weed. She went on to even say she “feared the consequences” of what would happen if she said no:

“I felt intimidated by him. If something felt personal to him, even if it really wasn’t, he’d have this short fuse.”

These are reasons to leave someone, not to stab him. But actually, Bryn corrects the record there, saying O’Melia wasn’t her boyfriend at all, just a friend with benefits. That feels less dangerous a situation, easier to extricate yourself from, right? Well, she says she stayed friends with him — despite her claims he was aggressive — because her area was small and friendship options were “limited.” Huh.

So… back to Chad having a “short fuse.” Sorta feels like she’s implying he was scary, right? Well, if it seems like she’s kind of victim-blaming, make no mistake here. She is ABSOLUTELY victim-blaming.

In fact, Spejcher explicitly says the stabbing is partially O’Melia’s fault — arguing they’re “both” at fault for her psychotic episode:

“I think we’re both accountable for what happened.”

WHAT?! She explained how Chad was the one who prepared the weed in his bong before she smoked it:

“He said ‘Hurry up. Inhale now… Do it really fast, go go go.’ Yes, I physically inhaled it. So, we’re both accountable. But there’s obviously been more attention to my part [in the attack] versus Chad’s part.”

Wow… More attention paid to her part… of stabbing him over a hundred times. Yeah, we’d say so. That is… Wow, that is brazen. And that isn’t all!

Bryn and her team are even planning to launch an appeal due to what they say is “fraud and trickery.” They say her intoxication was “involuntary” — meaning the killing that resulted was all Chad’s fault. That is just wild. We guess she’s going to try to get that 100 hours of community service reduced to something she can tolerate?

Spejcher did admit the night of the stabbing she was the one asking for a hit — but implies it was because of peer pressure:

“I get asked why I did it a lot. When you’re with your friends who have a drink, or are doing some sort of activity, it’s natural to ask if you can do it with them. It was for social reasons. And of course, I regret those decisions.”

Bryn also suggests O’Melia spiked the bong with something more, which might’ve induced her psychosis. She said he told her:

“Oh, well let’s make this really intense for you.”

Of course, court docs also state he “layered” more high potency pot to the mix before she says he forced her to take more hits, despite not wanting to:

“[O’Melia] was quickly rushing and pressuring me … he quickly rose out of this chair, turned the bong around to face me. He was so close, and moved the bong much closer to my face …  I do take complete responsibility for taking that dose that he provided to me. And I wish I didn’t. I would have never smoked marijuana my entire life had I know something like [the attack] could have happened.”

She went on to also blame the more potent marijuana strains out there, adding at the end of the interview:

“The popularization of these potent strains has created a misconception that cannabis is harmless. But my experience obviously shows that this is not always the case. I am not special. This can happen to anybody.”

Right, we’ve all heard of the hundreds of folks who get really high on weed and inexplicably started killing… Um…

What do U think about her claims, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below).

[Image via Ventura County District Attorney’s Office/Ventura County Sheriff’s Office]

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