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Youth Pastor Who Allegedly Filmed Children ALSO Accused Of Hiding Cameras During Weddings To Film Brides Changing!

Youth Pastor Daniel Kellan Mayfield Secret Cameras Church Bathroom Recording Girls Brides

As conservatives continue to whip up fear of drag shows and all things LGBTQ+, with their accusations of “grooming,” the actual offenses continue to be perpetrated by… youth pastors.

For some reason the position seems to attract sickos. Last month yet another youth pastor was allegedly caught abusing his position for perverse reasons, violating the privacy of innocent women and, yes, young girls.

Daniel Kellan Mayfield began working as a youth pastor at the Gowensville First Baptist Church in Landrum, South Carolina seven years ago. It’s being reported at some point during that tenure he got the bright idea to install secret spy cameras in the bathrooms and changing rooms of the church.

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After he was caught filming a woman in the shower at a private home, police discovered he had also been filming at the church. Per reports, Mayfield confessed to police to filming youth group volunteers in the bathroom on multiple occasions. There were girls “as young as 14 years old,” per WJBF.

We first learned of this case last month, after he was first charged on June 1 with one count of voyeurism and five counts of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. But it doesn’t stop there. as the investigation widened, many more victims were found. Over the past month, another 52 charges have been added!

According to a redacted warrant obtained by Huffington Post last week, Mayfield is also alleged to have filmed brides during their weddings! Horrifying.

Mayfield also worked as a wedding videographer and offered to film ceremonies at First Baptist. He allegedly used that opportunity on at least two occasions to set up hidden cameras in the changing room so he could film the brides and their bridal parties. The victims have been kept anonymous, but the wedding dates were in April 2019 and September 2021. Given the month and the church, we’re guessing these women will know very soon they were the victims of this man. The happiest days of their lives forever tainted. Just awful.

[Image via WYFF/YouTube.]

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