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YouTuber Shocked After Discovering Multiple Unsettling AI Clones Of Herself Online!

YouTuber discover AI video of herself on the internet begging for a husband

Buckle up for a wild story, Perezcious readers!

Three months ago, a woman named Olga Loiek launched a YouTube channel to talk about mental health and her philosophical views about life. Normal enough in the 21st century, right?! LOLz! But in a recent video, she said that someone had contacted her to let her know many of her photos and videos had been stolen and uploaded to a Chinese social media website over the last month. By that point, she had already noticed some of her videos were being re-uploaded to other platforms — something that “didn’t bother” her too much at first. But what she didn’t realize was that the situation was FAR worse than she initially thought!

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When Olga decided to click on some of the links the person sent, she was “shocked” to find several videos of herself speaking fluent Mandarin. Except it was NOT her!! Instead, these “creepy” clips featured a clone of herself generated by artificial intelligence — and made without her consent! And there was not just one clone! Upon further investigation, she found dozens of other clone versions of herself getting “thousands of likes and comments” on social media!

First, Olga uncovered an AI clone called April, who had supposedly been living in China for eight years. Then, there was Natasha, a 31-year-old Russian woman who moved to China to sell and advertise Russian food. And another named Lynna had videos expressing how she wanted to marry a Chinese man:

“If you marry Russian women, we will wash clothes, cook, and wash dishes for you every day. We will also give you foreign babies, as many as you want.”


All these clone characters had her voice — and her face. And what Olga mainly noticed in a lot of these AI-generated videos was the clones talking about “how great the relationship between China and Russia is” and “how much Russia needs Chinese economic support.” As Olga watched the clips, she found them “very offensive” and “violating.” Not only because she did not agree to the AI-made videos, but she is actually a Ukrainian woman dealing with the fact that Russia has been at war with Ukraine for two years now:

“As a Ukrainian, this is obviously been infuriating for me. After all, my family has to hide during air raid sirens, and hundreds and thousands of my fellow Ukrainians are getting displaced, injured, or killed because of the Russian attacks. And now I’m seeing the copy of myself, my clone, advocating and sympathizing with the Russian Federation.”

Oof. Fortunately, when Olga and her fans complained about these videos, the social media sites removed some of them. Naturally, she is still upset these videos were able to be created in the first place. And this content creator has every right to be angry over what happened! The clips were made without her consent, and that is not OK. You can watch her entire video about the ordeal (below):

Soooo creepy and unsettling! Reactions?? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Olga Loiek/YouTube]

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Mar 06, 2024 09:51am PDT

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