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Zoey Deutch Latest Celeb Hit By New Bling Ring, $300k Stolen While She Was Running Errands!

Zoey Deutch Burglary Home Los Angeles New Bling Ring

Everything comes back in fashion. And unfortunately the latest trend from the 2000s hitting big again in recent years? Robbing celebrities.

Just as the OG Bling Ring is being re-examined in Netflix documentaries and confronted on podcasts, a new wave of celebrity burglaries has been burning through Hollywood and beyond. The latest victim? Zoey Deutch.

The Not Okay star arrived home, per police sources spilling to TMZ, to find her front door smashed in. The inside of the house was torn apart as burglars found all her valuables — a whopping $300,000 in jewelry and cash! Damn!

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Police are going through footage from neighborhood surveillance cameras to try to find the culprits, but so far no results. The scariest part? Zoey could have walked in on the crime!

One of the big reasons celebrities are being targeted — apart from having big ol’ houses full of hundreds of thousands in cash and jewels, obvi — is that they are pretty bad about announcing when they’re on vacay. They’re thinking about how good their bikini bods look on Instagram, meanwhile criminals are seeing an invitation to an empty house.

But that wasn’t the case with Zoey. She was just running errands. That means this brazen burglary happened when she was away for just a couple hours — and there was every chance she could get home and interrupt it! Scary stuff…

[Image via Today/YouTube/Netflix.]

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Oct 12, 2022 10:51am PDT

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