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Rosie O'Donnell on the cover of Figure magazine, available exclusively at plus-sized store Lane Bryant.

That Photoshop work is whoreanus!

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173 comments to “Zexy!”

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  1. Annie says – reply to this


    Perez - no more Rosie pictures PLEASE - I get a tummy ache whenever I see that ugly slob on your web page. She is AWFUL!

  2. Jeff says – reply to this


    YUCK! Perez warn us when you put up a picture of that fat bitch. I just lost my lunch.

  3. Teresa says – reply to this


    What did Rosie do to you? I like her. She's outspoken & true to herself. Glad to see they are not just putting super models on magazine covers.

  4. Jordan says – reply to this


    She's fat, and so are you perez, when will you die of a heart attack??

  5. Ivory says – reply to this


    You people are so fucking ignorant. As a subscriber to this magazine I can tell you a few things. First, it does not "promote" being large. That's the same bullshit argument behind the logic of "teens having access to condoms promotes sex." This magazine is about size acceptance. It has exercises and healthy recipes and fashions and advice and all of the other stuff that other magazines for women have. One of the only differences is that the models in the magazine ads are actually the size of normal American women and are in advertisements for plus-sized clothing stores. Also, on the hard copy of this magazine, Rosie looks nothing like this tweeked digital version. It's really pathetic how some people can get so threatened about a magazine that celebrates real women and promotes self-acceptance. At least we real women aren't always dieting, bingeing, purging, restriciting food, and only concerned about the way we look. Also, being called "fat" is not an insult. It's a descriptive word that describes the physical appearance of someone. So go ahead and think inside the box and try to hide your own low self-esteem by insulting others. I look forward to the sophisticated and intellectual responses that I'll get from this post from the high class individuals who choose to demean others because of how they look. Oh, and by the way, I look pretty great today.

  6. Debbie says – reply to this


    ooh… she's workin that mole like Cindy Crawford….. fierce! LOL

    Looks like it's colored in with a brown crayon……. but hell, she looks damn good for Rosie

  7. Nellie says – reply to this


    Ha Teresa Figure is no fashion magazine - it's Lane Bryant's ad rag. They can't afford super models, they have to hire out of work pigs like Rosie O'Donnell. She needs to pay Kelly to lick her thing and nobody will hire her. She sure has fallen from The View to Lane Bryant spokesperson on Figure Magazine - OUCH!

  8. Robert says – reply to this


    For Real….
    Is that one uni-tooth or does she have a set of teeth?

  9. Ivory Got Ripped Off! says – reply to this


    Ivory - you subsribe to a Lane Bryant's ad circular? Ouch how much did they rip you off for something you can free in their stores? Honey those fake articles are in there to sell Lane Bryant ads - don't think it's funny the only ads are for Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug (the same company!) Hey wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn, I can give you a great deal! Did you get ripped off!

  10. Ricky says – reply to this


    Worst Photoshop job in the world. But I guess if someone gives you a picture of Rosie O and tells you to make her look good - you have your work cut for you.
    Perez why is this news? This ad circular is about 3 weeks old? Just because she puts it on her blog does not mean it's news - do some work you lazy pig and get some current REAL news. Not something Rosie posts on her tired old blog!

  11. Misty says – reply to this


    Fake mole, fake white teeth and all her rospisha taken off. God some poor person must have been up all night trying to make her look like a person. It's nice to see her with washed hair. On her blog her hair is never washed. Greasy mess.

  12. Kelsey77 says – reply to this


    I have seen this magazine in person. The brown mole looking thing is not there in reality. Must have come thru when Perez downloaded it or whatever. Still, the photo does look totally fake in person - the teeth look even worse than they do above. It only resembles Rosie around the eyes. I also agree with Ivory (go girl!) that this magazine does not "promote" a bad lifestyle as the Zman would claim (have you ever read it anyway?) It does give healthy recipes and exercise routines, medical articles, etc. Still, I would agree with others that the main thing it does is promote Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, etc.

  13. bernie says – reply to this


    Perez you can do better than this - this is picture off her blog. No news here.

  14. Connie says – reply to this


    Rosie is trying to stay noticed. Nobody will hire her. She is one ugly out of work bitch. She has pissed everyone off with her big mouth. I love the way the girls at The View always give her little jabs - so funny to pick up on! So this is what she is doing - putting her ugly face on the Lane Bryant ad magazine. They can have her!

  15. christi says – reply to this


    what a fucking vapid waste of flesh. i can't stand that cunt. she's no better than the young hollywood crew…aka paris, britney, lindsay, etc. just older, fatter, and meaner. CUNT!

  16. kat says – reply to this


    haha i actually get figure magazine and i was stunned at the cover. ew. and yes, i am fat. woo alert the press.

  17. Uwe says – reply to this


    Lane Bryant and her deserve each other - two losers.
    Limited sold Lane Bryant - wasn't making them money. They sold it to Fashion Bug!
    Everything Rosie touches breaksdown, her magzaine. her broadway show, The View, NBC, Price is Right…. Two losers have found each other!

  18. Lucy says – reply to this


    GROSS - Rosie O'Donnell. I thought she was dead. Isn't her 15 minutes of NO fame up yet? How she ever got on a stage or a TV show amazes me!

  19. Rosie is a Pig says – reply to this


    Ick! That is gross…. well she is gross.

  20. Blog Buddy says – reply to this


    Perez - No more Rosie stories - PLEASE - she doesn't even work in Hollywood. She is just some fat girl with a blog.

  21. tonadachi says – reply to this


    give me a break. Nothin wrong with Rosie's appearance. Don't know the last time Perez fit in a normal size himself, though. He's hardly one to point his finger at someone who has a few extra pounds. sheesh. Careful Perez. You're going to turn out to be as old and sour as Joan Rivers.

  22. Abbie says – reply to this


    I think Rosie O'donnell may be the most hated person in Show Business. Lane Bryant is crazy to use her face on an ad. The people in the midwest hate her and if they see a company using her as a model they will boycott that store. I am not a Lane Bryant customer (too slim), but if I were I would not shop at a place that put her on their ad magazine! I can't stand her.

  23. Fat Rosie says – reply to this


    Stop showing us Rosie pictures. What has she done since she was fired from The View. Sits around a takes home movies of squirrels. The pig is a loser. Who cares. Let her take her squirrel movies and fade into the sunset.

  24. Roger says – reply to this


    Oh my God - that is one of the worst pictures I have ever seen. Do you think she approved it? This is a classic. It looks like the bad Michael Jackson photo! Classic!

  25. Susan says – reply to this


    She is a joke. Other than fighting with everyone at The View, what has this ugly bitch done?

  26. Jackson says – reply to this


    OMG - this is priceless! I have to take it to my computer class to show an example of a botched photoshop job. Terrible.
    Then of course the model is Rosie - how the hell do you make her look good?

  27. Dawn says – reply to this



  28. Jerry says – reply to this


    Where is her cum dribble?

  29. wowsey says – reply to this


    yeah… that's a bit much to believe… just too much. Why? so not who I thought Rosie was…

  30. Nessa says – reply to this


    They fucked up her eyes. Some people really should not work for magazines if they don't know how to use Photoshop.

  31. Elf says – reply to this


    I think they fucked up the whole thing. My guess is the person who did it hates Rosie and wanted to make her look weird. Nobody could do that bad of job by accident. It was some Rosie hater having some fun.

  32. Peggy says – reply to this


    Do you get to approve these covers? Do you think she saw it before hand? Why did she put it on her blog, like she is proud of it. I thought it was a joke at first!

  33. Kristin says – reply to this


    Ha! OMG that is horrible! Thanks for the laugh….I thought it was a wax figure from a wax museum. That is priceless. I wonder if she laughed at it too or if she thought it was good?

  34. Toni says – reply to this


    Is this for real? What magazine would ever come out and put something like that on the cover? This can't be for real.

  35. WOLDORT SOCKBAT says – reply to this



  36. Alisa says – reply to this


    That pic is so overly photo-shopped (and badly at that) that she almost looks like a friggin' cartoon!

  37. daisy says – reply to this



  38. LoLlipop says – reply to this


    Eeew Rosie is a big fat horrible nasty crazy fucked up smelly pig whore!!

  39. Roberto says – reply to this


    The title of Lane Bryant's magazine says it all: Figure…. Go figure why they put such a disgusting, dispicable person on the cover. I used to LOVE Rosie until she got to big for her bitches…. I mean britches… If I shopped at Lane Bryant…. which I don't, if some of you may wonder…. I would stop immediately. How could they?….. and, yes, the photoshop work is ridiculous!

  40. Katherine says – reply to this


    Did they smear vaseline on the camera lense?

  41. Rosie is a national embarassment and her voice is like nails on a chalkboard says – reply to this


    She needs to shut her fucking piehole and just go away already. I'm sick and tired of her embarassing this country with her 9/11 conspiracy crap. She's too retarded to even know that steel melts at 2,000 degrees and seeing that Osama is an engineer he would KNOW this. Asshole. Get the fuck out of America Rosie if you hate it so much. Canada isn't that far from Westchester country…your fat ass could waddle there in no time.

  42. Obesity=laziness says – reply to this


    The reason for being fat is quite simply lack of exercise. Americans are lazy…too lazy to cook nutritious meals or workout. It's easier to sit in the car and eat greasy fast food. They're too lazy to go to a gym or run, it's easier to sit in front of the tv/internet eating chips and packing on the pounds. Stop making lame excuses for your size. Aside from a few people with medical problems most of you fat asses could easily lose weight if you really wanted to.

  43. I demand my fellow Americans dress better, lose 50lbs and learn some manners says – reply to this


    Why must we let the world mock us? Yeh, let's keep living up the fat, loud mouthed slovenly stereotype the world has of us. Let's prove what a bunch of sloths we are by elevating the likes of Rosie and Britney….*eyeroll*

  44. Jen says – reply to this


    Unless you mean just that issue of Figure, it's not exclusive to Lane Bryant. I can pick it up at book stores and corner stores in Canada.

  45. Asheville Pete says – reply to this


    Why did Rosie agree to let Lane Bryant fem her up,clean her up, slim her down ???
    Answer, Rosie is looking for sponcers for her web page, unlike Perez, no one will advertise with her, they are terrified of the backlash, when Rosie starts her rants, and their customers turn on them

    I think this was a way to try and lire LB to buy some space on her seb site

  46. Cuzican says – reply to this


    She is still a pig

  47. MissMeanGirl says – reply to this


    omg is that the only sweater she owns I feel like its Deja Vu somebody get this Bitch another shirt!!

  48. Pogue Mahone says – reply to this


    I never thought I'd say this…..but Rosie actually looks *NICE*!!! Normally I think she's a fat,crass, crude,loud,opionionated,vulgar,classless,loudmouth oaf and a fat sloppy slob…..but she actually looks good in this photo!! Doesn't airbrushing,gauze filters/ lighting,photo-shop,and make-up and hair artists work wonders? Too bad the rest of us don't have it ,too and we'd ALL look like celebs and models!! :)

  49. Karon says – reply to this


    I love her! She has alway been such a good person.

  50. Jess says – reply to this


    "Full Figured and Fabulous " ????

    LMFAO !

    You mean Fat and Fugly !!!!!

  51. Boycott Roise says – reply to this


    True - the out of work, no talent needs advertisements for your web page. The bitch doesn't have a lot of money coming in and is hurting for cash. Even her tour company is losing money. She is hoping Lane Bryant will sponsor her. HA! Those Midwest and Southern girls will boycott Lane Bryant like crazy if they have anything to do with Rosie O'Donnell. Rosie is having a hard time finding a job or even getting a sponsor for her stupid blog.

  52. Amy Murray says – reply to this


    Re: Z Man – Are you for real Z Man? Real women do actually have curves. It is not healthy to be really overweight but it is not healthy to have no curves either. People like you make me sick because women work so hard to lose their curves and I'm one of them. No matter what size I am, I can't get rid of my curves because that is how I am shaped. Shame on you for saying such a rude remark.

    News flash people, this magazine does not promote being fat. Have any of you even read it? It talks a lot about losing weight, excercising and eating healthy. It is a magazine for women who aren't a size 0 so they can feel good about themselves. There is nothing unhealthy about feeling good about yourself no matter what your size.

  53. Paula says – reply to this


    Karon - Good Person? All she does is fight with people. She is hard to work for, staff hates her and she is a big hypocrite. Flying on private planes, pretending she is GREEN, body guard carries a gun, she is against them, send her kids to a Waldorf school yet works in TV, won't employ men in her home. Nothing NICE about her. She is a mean bitch and now that she is almost broke she is doing anything to make some $$$.

  54. Patricia says – reply to this


    Re: Amy Murray – I agree with Amy and Ivory with their comments. Being fat is a problem but todays society think size 12 is a plus size which is complete bullshit. You should excercise and take care of yourself but you shouldn't worry about being thin like everyone else. Anorexia and binge eating are both eating disorders and it's important to love yourself no matter what size you are, only then can you fix your problem. Beauty comes from within and that is what the magazine promotes. Sure it has lots of advertising but every magazine does that. Ever seen Vogue? That one is worse. I bet most people bashing Rosie for being plus size are fat themselves or have no self esteem. I am a size 8 and even though that is big for todays woman, that is very real and I would never try to fit the typical anorexic girl stereotype. Patricia

  55. Dulce says – reply to this


    Amy it's not a lifesytle magazine - it's an advertisng piece for Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug, they publish it to look like a magazine and put in a few recipes and bad articles. All it is, is a advertising gimmick to make woman think they are reading a magazine. Do you see anyother plus size stores advertising in it? No they won't let them. Don't be fooled. Lane Bryant is not a nice compnay - I worked there. They are conservative, right wing Christians who run it.

  56. OReallyThen says – reply to this


    "available exclusively at plus-sized store Lane Bryant"
    Not true, it's available at ALL plus size retailers… Avenue, Catherines, etc…

  57. Joel says – reply to this


    Re: Paula – Rosie may not be a good person at all but none of us really know her. I realize perception is everything but the media does portray people to often be worse then they really are. Everyone has bad days. I don't like Rosie at all and think like Paula but admit people are quick to judge. Even though I don't think Rosie is a great person (I also know I could possibly be wrong because I don't know her) and do not like a lot of what she has said, I am not going to come on her and bash her for being fat rather bash her for other reasons. Too many people only care about how one looks not about how they really are as a person. It's fine to bash her for things she does but it's not fine for bashing people because they are not a perfect size. She has actually lost weight and it doesn't come off over night so let's leave that alone. As for bashing her for being rude, that I agree with.

  58. Mitchell says – reply to this


    She may not be a good person but why is everyone now bashing people who are overweight? She has lost weight but it doesn't come off overnight. Make fun of Rosie for being rude but don't sit here and bash every American who is not a perfect size. In some places being overweight is looked at for being healthy and beautiful. I am not saying it's healthy but it's not healthy to be too skinny either nor is it healthy to care so much about how you look and not about how you are as a person.

  59. kim says – reply to this


    Re: Mitchell – wow you and joel's thing sounds similar but i pressed refresh and your comments came up at the same time. weird. rosie is a stupid bitch but i'm fat so i can't make fun of her for that:P

  60. Mitchell says – reply to this


    Re: kim – I never stay on here for long but I happened to be reading comments, refreshed my screen and saw a comment for me..That is because Joel is my wife but chose to use a different name other than her own:-) She copied me I swear..haha

  61. Lise says – reply to this


    What I find funny is when people make fun of how much they hate Perez but they still read his site. If you hate him so much why the hell would you come here? I bet you read it every day for hours at a time!
    P.s The magazine cover doesn't look this bad in person, it's been photoshopped again and then it resurfaced on the net.

  62. Kevin says – reply to this


    Joel - I kind of do know her. My nephew goes to the same Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge that her kids go to. She is mean, vulgar, bossy and comes in unclean. Parents and teachers are afraid of her. She yells, demands and is just gross. The kids hate her. Also I have a friend who's wife works on the set at The VIew. Everyone hated her for the same reason. She is someone who does not deserve fame or power. She is having a hard time finding work - she has pissed off way too many people. Nobody wants to work with her.

  63. Joel says – reply to this


    Re: Kevin – I don't like her and think she rude but my point was I don't know her so it's just from what I see, hear and read. Someone like you knows this as a fact and is prooving what I already thought:)

  64. Heather says – reply to this


    Rosie needs to go mosie around the pasture. She's such a cunt!

  65. Timot says – reply to this


    It's Rosie - you have to photoshop her to death to make her look human - she is the most worthless ball of flesh on he planet.

  66. Angie Q says – reply to this


    Hey! That's my magazine. I co-manage at FAshion Bug, sister store to Lane Bryant and I have to sell those magazines! Some people refused to buy them this month because Rosie is on the cover!

  67. Bukowski says – reply to this


    FIGURE!!!! Rosie has no figure. It is called ROUND.

  68. Angie Q says – reply to this


    Re: Sue – We are not low end!

  69. Lalala says – reply to this


    i can do a better job with photoshop than the person who probably made money doing this ridiculous job!
    pay ME! i'll make it look 100% genuine, and throw in an interesting background to boot!

  70. D'Oh Boy says – reply to this


    PhotoShop is a powerful tool … But it cannot do everything !

  71. Stacy says – reply to this


    Re: Tom – Newsflash genius… do your research. It is a magazine.

  72. Ingrid says – reply to this


    Re: ramona

    You can kiss michael jackson's ass!

  73. sheed says – reply to this


    holy #

    this is the worst photoshop job ever.

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