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Denise Richards Has To Meet With Child Protective Services After Abuse Allegations Were Made By Brooke Mueller!

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This lady is probably thinking: I took your kids and THIS is how you repay me?!

Denise Richards apparently has to meet with workers from the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services after her ex's ex made some child abuse claims about the mommy!

Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller has claimed that Denise has physically abused her three daughters - Sam, Lola, and Eloise!

Brooke also accused Denise of touching her own sons - Bob and Max!

How would she know this? That's for Brooke to know, and for us to

Denise Richards' Thanksgiving MARRED With Ugly Child Abuse Claims, Courtesy Of Brooke Mueller!

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denise richards brooke mueller child abuse claims

Gross! This is worse than hot cranberry sauce. Blegh!

Brooke Mueller has once again initiated the drama by throwing child abuse claims in the direction of Denise Richards.

Both being ex-loves of Charlie Sheen, one would think they could find common ground, but nope! That's not happening anytime soon, cuz according to law enforcement sources, Brookey Brooke has formally accused Denise of abusing Brooke's twin boys (both of whom Denise has custody of thanks to Brooke's drug addiction). She also claims that Denise abuses her own daughters as well.

Apparently cops showed up at Miz Richards' house Tuesday night to interrogate her on the claims made, but Denise stood her ground! Not only did she refuse to let them in, because the daughters were present, she called

Brooke Mueller thinks Denise Richards abuses her kids.Brooke Mueller thinks Denise Richards abuses her kids.Brooke Mueller thinks Denise Richards abuses her kids.Brooke Mueller thinks Denise Richards abuses her kids.Brooke Mueller thinks Denise Richards abuses her kids.

Charlie Sheen's Ex Brooke Mueller Agrees To Having Twins Tested For Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!

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charlie sheens ex brooke mueller relents to having twins tested for fetal alcohol syndrome

Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller finally has seen the light, and has agreed to have her sons tested for fetal alcohol and drug syndrome.

The mom relented and said yes to the testing during her meeting with Denise Richards and child protective services.

Denise has pushed for the twins Bob & Max to be tested after the two boys ran havoc on her home these past few months in her custody.

Mueller had to go to rehab twice for crystal meth while pregnant with the twins PLUS was drinking a lot.

Here's what a source said:

Family Services Calls B.S. On Charlie Sheen! Claims He Cares More About Porn Than His Kids!

Family Services Calls B.S. On Charlie Sheen!


Charlie Sheen has been called out by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services for complaining about everything and helping with nothing!

The Anger Management actor has not been discreet about who he blames in the custody case of his twin sons Bob & Max.

The boys currently live with Denise Richards but will slowly be transitioned to living with their mom Brooke Mueller and her brother!

Some in Family Services think that Charlie Sheen has been all bark and no bite, and when it comes down to it - the actor is willing to open up his mouth and fight, but he's unwilling to actually parent his children!

In fact, one worker at DCFS shockingly said:

Denise Richards Picks Up Charlie Sheen’s Twins After A Night With Brooke Mueller!

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Denise Richards takes Charlie Sheen's twins after a night with their mom

We can’t help but feel sorry for these boys!

Charlie Sheen’s twins, Bob and Max, spent the night at their mother Brooke Mueller’s house on Friday, and then went right back to Denise Richards’ home the next day!

Previously, Denise said that she didn’t want the twins to live with her because they were acting abusive toward her daughters and dogs.


Charlie Sheen To Shell Out How Much In Child Support?! Brooke Mueller's Brother Wants The Big Bucks To Raise Their Kids!

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The battle doesn't seem like it's over yet!

Brooke Meuller's brother Scott was just announced as the temporary guardian of the twins Bob & Max and he's already demanding child support!

Slow your roll there, Scott! It was just granted to you!

A source close to the soap opera drama spilled: