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Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross Reject Dr. Phil!

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rupert sanders liberty ross pass on dr phil

Sorry, Dr. Phil!

But Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross, the couple whose marriage crashed after Kristen Stewart accepted Rup's invitation to cheat, think they're above you just fine with the counseling they have.

A source close to the show has revealed that producers wanted to bring Lib and Rupz on for a revealing interview. Unfortunately, they got shot the eff down!

The insider explains:

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Michael Lohan Speaks On Dina & Lindsay's Violent Fight! And He Claims…

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Michael Lohan Calls 911 Dina Lindsay Fight

Wow, just to make matters even messier between the Lohan clan, Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael, is now speaking out about what went down this morning!

As we previously reported, Linds and her mom, Dina, got into a violent scuffle early in the AM, which led to the police being called… all because Momma Lohan didn’t want to pay cab fare!

Now, Michael — who we now know was the one who called the cops — has made a statement about the cray cray occurrence!

LiLo’s dad revealed:

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Dina Lohan Swears Sobriety On Dr. Phil But Michael Lohan Demands Rehab For Lindsay Lohan's Sake

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Oh, LiLo!

The more the world learns about your parents, the more they empathize with your situation!

Despite the bizarreness you witnessed, Dina Lohan SWEARS she wasn't shiz-faced on Dr. Phil last week!

In a personal digression as she spoke to ET about the problems of Amanda Bynes, Dina confessed:

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Lindsay Lohan Dissed As Dina Lohan Refuses To Take Responsibility For LiLo's Behavior

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dina lohan lindsay lohan no excuses regrets enabler batpoop cray

Put politely, Dina Lohan and reality maintain a somewhat estranged relationship!

Evidenced most recently by her, err, erratic behavior during the now infamous Dr. Phil interview, it's occasionally difficult to take Lindsay Lohan's Mom very seriously.

That's why, when she throws her daughter under the bus and refuses to take any blame for LiLo's mistakes, we're left scratching our head.

Perhaps her daughter's problems stem from being pushed into show business at a young age?

Dina admits a little culpability there. She said:

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Michael Lohan On The Radio: Says Dina Hit Lindsay's Grandma!

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If Michael Lohan is to be believed (at this point we don't know WHAT to believe), then Dina Lohan seems to have been struggling for a loooong time… and not just during interviews with Dr. Phil!

Michael called The Mojo In The Morning Show today and totally said a lot of surprising things about his ex-wife — among them were accusations of hitting Lindsay's grandma in the face, and breastfeeding while drunk.

Ugh. We can't even imagine what else she's done if those are true!

Michael also talked about

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Dina Lohan Calls Dr. Phil Interview 'Unprofessional,' She Wants To Talk To Dr. Drew!

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After an interview like that, we're pretty sure ANYONE would be scrambling to justify what just happened!

Apparently Dina Lohan's course of action, according to a close source, is to call Dr. Phil unprofessional — and to want to try again, with Dr. Drew Pinsky!

The source, Danish celebrity promoter Claus Hjelmbak, said this:

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