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Anderson Cooper is the Gay Man Of The Year!!!

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Well, duh!

Out Magazine gave readers the chance to vote for Gay Man of The Year and none other than Anderson Cooper won the title.

Anderson only officially came out of the closet last July when he told The Daily Beast:

Kathy Griffin Is NOT Sorry For Going Down On Anderson Cooper

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We support this COMPLETELY!!

Kathy Griffin is so totally not sorry about trying to give Anderson Copper a beejay on live TV! (And we get why!)

Last night on The Late Show the wily firecrotch said she absolutely refuses to apologize for her seXXXy antics on CNN’s New Year's Eve Live.

She did her best to explain why — BUT, as we all know VERY well, David Letterman is a straight man. He will never understand the unquenchable thirst us gays and gals have for The Silver Fox's secret love poison! ;)

Press PLAY (above) to watch Kathy make her first un-apology of 2013!

Kathy Griffin & Her Super Young Boy Toy Stroll Take A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

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kathy griffin randy bick new york sighting david letterman

Get it, girl!

If Hugh Hefner can marry a gal 60 years younger than him, we certainly won't begrudge Kathy Griffin for getting her cougar-iffic with her significantly young boyfriend!


Kathy held hands with her hunky man-friend Randy Bick this morning, on her way from their swanky NYC hotel to the David Letterman's Late Show Studios!

Have a super seXXXy time in the Big Apple with your frisky newish lover, Kathy, and don't forget to have him home before curfew! LOLz!!

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

Kathy Griffin's NYE Pecker Peck For Anderson Cooper Isn't Cool With The PTC!

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While the Parents Television Council thinks its doing right by everyone by upholding their "moral code," we really think they just need to… RELAX!

If you don't recall (though, you should), Kathy Griffin made Anderson Cooper hilariously uncomfortable while she tried multiple times to get on her knees and kiss his crotch on New Year's Eve.

Well, the PTC didn't like that much, and have already broken their own New Year's Resolutions to 'chill the heck out.'

They say Griffin:

Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper Are Taking Over CNN Again!

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Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper Are Taking Over CNN For 2013

The fire-crotch and the Silver Fox are back!!

For the SIXTH consecutive year CNN's live New Year's Eve coverage will be hosted by Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.

Why? Cuz they're the DREAM TEAM!!!

In anticipation of Kathy's antics, Anderson released a pre-apology saying:

"As always, I await New Year's Eve with Kathy Griffin with grave reservations and tremendous fear, and I want to apologize in advance to anyone she may offend/assault/attempt to kiss."

In response to Cooper's statement Kathy told reporters:

Kathy Griffin Lands BIG Names For Talk Show Second Season!

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Kathy Griffin Lands BIG Names For Talk Show Second Season!

That's right! Clean those pits Kathy Griffin!

Andy Cohen's fave firecrotch host needs to look her best for the premiere of the second season of her Bravo talk show — cuz sisterfriend has lined up some seriously fantastic guests!!

Her first guests: Liza Minnelli, Jane Lynch and…. a special surprise!

Kathy recently gushed: