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13-Year-Old Driver From Deadly Crash Did NOT Burn Down House -- It Was His Criminal Father's Meth Den!

13 Year Old Driver Ricky Siemens Father Meth Den House Fire

This story just keeps throwing us twists, and each one makes it all the sadder.

In case you missed this tragic news, last Tuesday a horrific head-on collision in Texas took the lives of nine people, several of them teenagers. A van carrying the men’s and women’s golf teams from the University of the Southwest was hit by a pickup truck which had suddenly veered into their lane on FM 1788. In all, six students and their coach were killed, while two more team members were rushed to the hospital. The truck’s occupants were revealed to be 38-year-old Heinrich Siemens and his 13-year-old son Ricky. In a shocking turn, we learned a couple days after the crash that it was actually Ricky who was driving — despite being two years too young to even have a learner’s permit.

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The crash is believed to have been caused by a tire blowing out — the truck was apparently already on a spare, which gave out — causing the inexperienced driver to lose control. It seems clear that whoever illegally put a child behind the wheel of a vehicle — especially at night on a highway on a spare tire — is ultimately responsible for these deaths. And the more we learn about the father, the more he’s looking like the cause.

Over the weekend, uncovered numerous criminal charges against Heinrich going back nearly two decades, including theft, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and even threatening bodily injury against a family member, which as it turns out was his wife. In fact, he was still facing charges of felony domestic aggravated assault and misdemeanor theft at the time of his death.

According to the shocking records, the late 38-year-old was accused of holding a pair of “scissors against the neck of” his wife Agatha, as well as intentionally “burning [her] with a soldering torch.”

Horrible. Of particular note for this case were three vehicular charges: a DUI, a count of failure to stop and render aid (after intentionally ramming another vehicle, per records), and a count of driving on a suspended license. That last one was recent — in 2017. Did Heinrich put his child into the driver’s seat because he wasn’t able to drive? Either because he was legally bound or once again impaired? This is just speculation, obviously, but we’re trying to find some rational explanation for a child behind the wheel of a car when his grown father was there.

One final twist. Shortly after the crash, a family friend revealed the Siemenses had just been through another catastrophe, a devastating house fireAganetha Siemens told DM:

“Just before Christmas, their house burned down. The 13-year-old made some eggs and forgot about it.”

Once again, Ricky was at the center? If that sounded like too much of a coincidence to some of our internet sleuth readers, well, you may have been right on the money. did more digging into that fire, and it seems blaming the teen may have been a cover story to tell the police and friends. Agatha placed the original call to 911 first told the eggs-on-the-stove story. But according to Gaines County Sheriff’s Department records from the incident, which actually took place on October 24, an unnamed occupant told first responders at the time the fire began because “they were cooking meth.” A dispatcher’s note referred to the home as a “possible meth house.”

So Heinrich was a meth cook, too? And was just letting his child take the blame for the fire? No one seems to have faced any charges in relation to the blaze, so we guess the cover story worked? Disgusting if true. Especially considering this guy apparently kept using the poor kid as a shield — and it ended up costing several other parents their children’s lives.

What do YOU think happened that night??

[Image via Gaines County Commissioners Court/NewsNation/YouTube.]

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