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2One A Promising Star On The Most Famous Strip In The World Is Making A Big Splash, Now It’s Time To Get Naked!


2One tobacco free nicotine pouches is thrilled to finally erect its billboard along the world-famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood where the biggest stars drive past daily. Notably, this location serves as the headquarters of the most influential people in media and entertainment. Better yet, it shares the space with some of the world’s biggest brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Netflix, Apple, Disney and Burberry, just to name a few.
Strategically placed on the infamous Sunset Strip, it is designed to capture the attention of millions of formidable personalities that frequent this iconic area.

This easily associates 2One with the most honored names that the world has ever known. Also, the billboard’s prominence reinforces 2One’s status as the premier brand in the US modern oral nicotine pouch segment. This highlights the commitment to a strategic approach as the patronage of the “Who’s Who” of Hollywood can instantly skyrocket the brand’s market supremacy even further says Vincent Schuman, founder 2ONE Labs Inc.

However, 2One is not done yet.

Aside from its well-thought-out billboard appearance on Sunset Strip, there are 200 others to be put up across the US. Having additional ones throughout the country is part of 2One’s robust plans to push for nationwide visibility and dominance. Clearly, this signifies the brand’s vigorous desire to promote a convenient way of satiating nicotine cravings in adult consumers.

To keep up with 2One’s intensive US domination goal, they have secured a national contract with Circle K, the leading American chain of convenience stores. With placement in over 6,000 Circle K locations and an additional 12,000 independent retailers throughout the US, 2One’s nicotine pouches are readily available.

Distinguished by its eye-catching yet simplistic design, flavor choices, non-flavor choices for states with flavor restrictions sold under the name NAKED and coupled with straightforward messaging, the 2One billboards are certain to captivate everyone, including the most powerful. These being at the most famous strip in the world plus 200 more are certain to make the biggest splash in Hollywood and the entire US. For that, it’s indeed time to Get Naked.

Can’t Smoke, Can’t Vape, Don’t Want To: It’s time for 20NE.

About 20NE Labs Inc.: Founded by pioneers in synthetic nicotine production, 20NE Labs specializes in providing 100% tobacco-free nicotine products to adult consumers seeking an alternative to other tobacco products. For more information, contact [email protected]. 20NE® is a registered trademark of 20NE Labs Inc., San Diego, CA. All Rights Reserved.
Source: 20NE Labs Inc.

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May 15, 2024 01:01am PDT

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