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90 Day Fiancé Alum Tells Terrible Story Of Dating HBO Star Who Was Into STRANGE Stuff!

90 Day Fiancé Alum Tells Terrible Story Of Dating HBO Star Who Wanted STRANGE Stuff!

90 Day Fiancé alum Stephanie Matto is spilling the tea about dating a mystery HBO star!

Taking to TikTok on Friday, the TLC personality — who is known for selling her farts in a jar — revealed she once hooked up with a popular actor, and it was “an awful experience”! Uh oh!

Stephanie claimed she met the mystery standup comedian after matching on Tinder when she was 26 and living in Los Angeles. She’d moved to the city with hopes of being an actress, but she was working as an exotic dancer at the time. And the guy she clicked “like” on? He was a huge star at the time and someone she was super into! She teased:

“This guy was really big — he had a hit show on HBO. Not only did he have a hit show, but he played a character on that hit show that I was absolutely obsessed with.”

She didn’t reveal the name, but she did confirm that it was a “show about baseball.” So, that narrows it down a bit!

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The now-32-year-old noted that the suitor was not “conventionally” attractive but exactly her type, detailing:

“He had a dad bod. He looks old and mature and goofy, which is totally my type.”

The pair decided to go on a date, and they met up at a comedy club where the comedian was performing. Stephanie brought her friend to watch the “very fun” show, and the three of them hit up a bar after. Once her pal realized she was being “a third wheel,” she left the duo alone. The content creator continued:

“We ended up getting really, really tipsy, and actually at the end of the night, [I] invited myself over to his house, which is where I stayed until 4 o’clock in the morning.”

They spent the rest of the night talking — including about how Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend ghosted her. Sooo… nothing too strange so far, right? Well, just you wait! Months went by and the duo never spoke, which she was obviously upset about ’cause she thought “the date went pretty well” even though “he was a little standoffish and awkward and weird, but I was down for that.”

So, as things at her club weren’t so hot, she created a profile on a sugar daddy dating website. And then out of nowhere, the mystery celeb reemerged!! She recalled:

“Literally days after I have my profile go up, I get a text message from none other than this celebrity. He confesses to me that he found my profile on the sugar daddy dating website. He seems so intrigued by the fact that I am on this page and he’s asking me questions like, ‘Do you like to use men for money? Do you like to take advantage of unsuspecting men?'”

And he wasn’t turned off at all! In fact, she said he seemed “really into it”! So, that’s when she decided to double down:

“I feel like well maybe this is the key to his heart, like if I play long with this weird game that he likes maybe he’ll want to go out on another date.”

LOLz! The reality star started “feeding into it” and told the actor she “loves” taking money from men and that she has “simps” following her around and sending her money. And that’s what sparked their relationship! But it didn’t take long until the flirting took a “really weird turn.” Matto explained:

“He asked me to be mean to him and to demand him to send me money on PayPal.”

This wasn’t really her thing — but she had bills to pay! She told him about a car payment that was due soon, and the next thing she knew, she had $300 in her account. She continued:

“I don’t know why but in my heart of hearts, I thought this man was my soulmate.”

The duo went on two more dates over the course of a year — and all of them included her being mean to him and him returning the favor with money. But it came to a dramatic ending when she wondered why he never asked her to be his girlfriend! She dished:

“That’s when he tells me that this thing that’s going on between me and him is not special, [and] he’s actually doing it with like three other girls. One of them is also his assistant that works for him. I’m like, ‘oh, cool, so you have other girls demanding money from you and being mean to you? I’m not the only one?’ Basically after that I cut all ties and never talked to him again.”


Despite the messy ending, she did tease that she misses having someone pay her bills. LOL, who wouldn’t?! Ch-ch-check out the full story time (below):


I had a horrible experience dating a celebrity. But was it really THAT horrible? #celebrity #datingacelebrity #raya #storytime #spillingthetea

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A comedian, an HBO show about baseball, an apparent sugar daddy fetish… who do YOU think it is?!? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube & Stephanie Matto/Instagram]

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