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Several of the original cast of members of 90210 are starting to jump on board The W’s new spinoff.

There’s still no official confirmation (or denial), though, on whether or not Shannen Doherty will return.

She MUST!!!!!!!!

However, Full House alum and 90210 (2.0) cast memeber Lori Loughlin does give some insight as to how the cast feels about Doherty.

Loughlin says in regard to Doherty returning, ├óΓé¼┼ôI don’t think Shannen will. I don’t think anyone wants to touch that.├óΓé¼┬¥


How dare you Lori Loughlin??? How DARE you????

The will of the people must be heard!

Bring Brenda back!!!!!!!

As for Tori Spelling, she’s been trying to get on the show for a while, though with her second child soon on it’s way, she might have to wait a bit.

Of Tori, Loughlin says, ├óΓé¼┼ôI think they are waiting for her to have her baby and then they’re going to – there’s definitely a role for her though in the pilot, like a small little cameo thing which will be fun. But, then I think they’ll have her back.├óΓé¼┬¥

Keep on talking Loughling!

We love a gossip girl.

As for Luke Perry returning, Loughlin says she’s not certain but has just heard some “rumblings” about it.

Loughlin continues, ├óΓé¼┼ôI’m so excited. I’ve seen a script. It’s good. I really like it. It’s definitely the contemporary 90210. It’s touching on what teenagers are going through now-a-days, which is a little bit – I don’t want to say faster, but they are definitely exposed to more at this time. Kids today, they have a lot to handle. They grow up so fast.├óΓé¼┬¥

The show is set to start production on June 25th.

Let’s keep hoping it doesn’t suck!

And bring Brenda back!!!

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May 23, 2008 16:15pm PDT

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