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Aaron Carter Says He 'Would Punch' Wade Robson Over Michael Jackson Abuse Claims!

Aaron Carter blasts Wade Robson!

Aaron Carter threatens Wade Robson amid Leaving Neverland controversy!
In an interview with TMZ on Monday, Nick Carter‘s brother said he “would punch” the choreographer, who accused Michael Jackson of abuse — as covered in the HBO documentary.
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It all started earlier this month when singer DIIMOND MEEKS, also known as Dezmond Meeks, allegedly called Robson a “liar” on Twitter. In response, an account purportedly belonging to Wade brought up Aaron’s name, and allegedly implied he was either molested by MJ, or knew he was abusing other children.

Aaron Carter BLASTS Wade Robson!
Singer DIIMOND MEEKS allegedly called Michael Jackson accuser, Wade Robson, a “liar.” / (c) Twitter

However, Robson’s attorney told TMZ that the tweet in question did NOT come from him. Not only is the account fake, Wade has been targeted by “several fraudulent postings and hackings” since Leaving Neverland aired.
Nevertheless, while speaking to the publication, the Aaron’s Party singer BLASTED Robson. He exclaimed:

“Wade, I’m very disappointed in. Because I don’t understand… And he’s trying to tie my name into this s**t? Like @aaroncarter. I’m not that guy. I’m not the one. I might be a pop singer but i’m also from the f**king south, and you f**king come at me on some sour s**t, you’re lucky I got something to lose now. Because I would punch you in your face. I would, and then maybe I’d ask you, ‘Eh, are you telling the truth?’ but I’d punch you in your face first. Because what you’re doing is stomping on someone’s grave who was there for you. Who taught you things. Did all these kind of things… It’s hard for me to understand. How am I supposed to understand that when my own personal experience with him was gentle, and beautiful, and loving, and embracing. And that was it.'”

Carter also brings up the fact that Robson — and fellow Leaving Neverland accuser James Safechuck — testified on behalf of Jackson under oath when they were young. Additionally, Wade continued to support Michael well into adulthood.

“When I see someone that is like, OK you’re a grown man and when Michael Jackson was alive, you are backing him, you are up his ass, you are kissing his ass, you are there to testify for him under oath. And then when he dies you decide that that’s a good time to come out. No, what you’re doing is, you’re actually stomping on an icon and a legend’s grave. You’re stomping on his grave… I just like feel like, why not do it when he was alive, man? Why not do it when he was being accused of all these molestation charges? Why not do it then?”

Also, Carter said he stayed in MJ’s bed when he was 15, but nothing inappropriate happened.

“Because me staying with Michael Jackson. I hung out with Michael Jackson. I stayed at his house. I stayed in his bedroom… I was 15.”

Despite the allegations against MJ, Carter had only positive things to say about his interactions with the “King of Pop.”

“My reaction to Leaving Neverland was incredible. I remember having the time of my life with Michael. I was about 15 years old, and I remember him just sitting down with me, you know being like, ‘This is what you got to do, Aaron. And your future. Just stay focus and just stay driven. Always be a perfectionist’… I also went to the same vocal coach as Michael… I really idolize Michael.'”

While Aaron claims he has been offered six figures to do an interview about MJ, he said he turned them all down, adding:

“I told them to go f**k themselves.”

In addition to denying all allegations of wrongdoing when he was alive, Jackson’s estate recently called the documentary “just another rehash of dated and discredited allegations.”
[Image via HBO/Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

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