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The Weird Reason Adam Sandler Had A Black Eye On Live TV During GMA Interview!

The Weird Reason Adam Sandler Had A Black Eye On Live TV During GMA Interview!

Adam Sandler had himself a little accident prior to popping up on GMA this morning!

The 50 First Dates star sat down for a live interview with the Good Morning America hosts in New York City on Monday, but before they could get to the content of the actual talk — the star’s new movie Hustle — they had to get one thing out of the way: Sandler showed up on set with a big ol’ black eye!

But wait, what was it from?! Did he get in a fight??

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Smiling cheekily as host Michael Strahan introduced the Billy Madison star, Sandler quipped that he had to speak about the injury since it was so noticeable to viewers at home. Referencing the swollen and bruised area around his left eye, and the nasty-looking cut underneath it, the 55-year-old star said:

“This is something I have to discuss, right?”


Ummmm yeah, Adam. If you don’t mind, we’d kind of all like to hear the story!

As the movie star explained it, he was in bed a few nights ago trying to get to sleep when he decided to kick out his feet in order to untuck the sheets at the bottom of the mattress. Without realizing it, his cell phone was by his legs, so when his lower half thrust up to kick loose the sheets, the phone went flying — and landed RIGHT on his face!!

Alarmingly, Sandler explained he immediately “felt blood,” but he was tired, so he just said f**k it and dozed off for the night. The Happy Gilmore alum revealed:

“I refused to acknowledge it. I felt blood and said, ‘Ah, there’s something going on, but I got to sleep.’ Kept sleeping, woke up…”

Oh nooooo!

GMA co-anchor George Stephanopoulos stepped up at that point with an exceptionally funny cut-in:

“That is the most elaborate black eye story I’ve ever heard.”


Amid laughter from the entire roundtable, Sandler tried to talk back the humorous aspect of it. Sheepishly, he explained that the injury was not nearly as cool as it looked to others, especially considering the pathetic story of how it came to be!

The Uncut Gems star said:

“There’s nothing cool about this thing. It looks so cool. When I’m on the streets of New York, like, I see people going, ‘Oh, OK. He likes to fight, that guy.’ I’m like, ‘Ah, it was a bad accident.'”

It’s a crazy story, but honestly, this is exactly how we would expect a funny man like Adam Sandler to earn a shiner. He’s a sheet kicker, not a fighter!

You can see Adam’s full interview, where he explains the black eye story and later promotes Hustle, in the clip (below):

So crazy! And here’s something even crazier: this is actually the THIRD time Sandler has appeared on TV with an accidental black eye. No, really!

Back in 2014, Adam appeared on The Tonight Show alongside 50 First Dates co-star Drew Barrymore amid her pregnancy. Sandler, who came to set with a black eye, joked with host Jimmy Fallon that Drew had been “not feeling great” backstage, and so she asked him to “take a look” to make sure that the unborn baby was OK.

Adam drew big laughs from the audience when he explained that Barrymore’s unborn baby was supposedly the one who caused his facial injury that time:

“She depantsed [sic], and I looked up there, and this hand comes out and goes, ‘Boom!'”

We never got the real story on that one, but we’re sure Drew was chill enough to let that little fib linger. LOLz!

A year later, Sandler was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel‘s Game Night special filmed during the NBA Finals when he once again showed up with a nasty bruise around his eye. When Kimmel asked WTF happened that time, the Waterboy star explained that he’d been on his way to change a tire on his car when he saw a pickup basketball game taking place. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to get some shots up, Adam joined — only for calamity to come quickly!

Sandler told Kimmel:

“Some guy didn’t call a pick and smashed my head, my head blows and then I couldn’t lie about it. I came home with a black eye and had to tell the truth — then paid a guy to change the tire.”


Three funny black eye stories in less than a decade! And these are just the ones we know about because Sandler had TV appearances right after the incidents.

Adam should just walk around with a football helmet on 24/7.

[Image via GMA/YouTube]

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