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Streamer Who Broke Her Back At TwitchCon Found Out She Had Been Pregnant Before Accident -- And Lost The Baby

Twitch Streamer Who Broke Her Back At TwitchCon Was Pregnant Before Accident -- And Lost The Baby

A popular Twitch streamer who was severely injured at last month’s TwitchCon got dealt a second blow after her accident. She found out after having emergency surgery that she had been pregnant prior to the scary incident… and couldn’t keep the baby.

Adriana Chechik is a well-known streamer on the social media site, as well as an adult performer. Early last month, at the Lenovo Intel exhibit at Twitch’s popular streaming convention, she jumped into a foam pit. The landing went horribly wrong, though, and she broke her back in two places.

The area, covered in foam cubes, was meant to be safe to fall into as participants knocked one another off platforms. But it clearly wasn’t as Adriana’s was not the only injury over the weekend. However, hers was the worst — for more reasons than one…

On Saturday she finally returned to streaming following the awful injury and gave fans a detailed update. She explained how she was rushed into emergency spinal surgery to fix her severely broken back after the incident happened. the adult entertainer explained what she went through during those immediate surgeries, including one procedure that lasted five hours.

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But a truly unexpected emotional blow came after — as she found out following her surgery, she had unknowingly been pregnant at the time of the accident, and the spinal procedure caused her to lose the baby. She told fans:

“I was pregnant, and I didn’t know until I was in the hospital. So I also have, like, crazy hormones. I’m not pregnant anymore because of the surgery. I couldn’t keep it. But my hormones are also through the f**king roof because of that.”

So sad…

During the stream, she also showed viewers the surgery scar on her back:

While detailing the aftermath of the procedure, she praised her “great surgeons” for their work to mend her spine. She also noted she has been drinking “green juice with vitamins” to speed up her recovery.

This entire process has clearly been awful. A week after the incident occurred, following an October 13 physical therapy session, Adriana wrote a note to fans about how difficult things had been. On Instagram, she shared at the time:

“Tried sitting up today in PT, I would rather die than do that again. I hate this my whole body hates it. I don’t want to be tough. I don’t want to be brave I cried for a hour and the pain is so immense through all the meds im on. Idk if I can do this. I can’t explain this pain.”

More recently, she also shared a video of herself on a slow five-minute walk after surgery — a major milestone in recovery. This already would have been an arduous situation. Now, with the unexpected pregnancy news-turned-shocking pregnancy loss on top of it, we can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through.

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As far as the foam pit is concerned, NBC News reports it had a concealed concrete base. Thus, when Chechik and other participants jumped in, they unknowingly pushed through the soft foam and landed hard on a bottom with no give.

Kotaku reports that neither Twitch nor Kairos Media, the creative agency running the Lenovo Intel booth at the event, have commented publicly. NBC News previously reported a Lenovo spokesperson acknowledged the company is “aware of the incidents of TwitchCon visitors who sustained injuries” at its booth. Yeesh…

We send our well wishes to Adriana for a full recovery.

[Image via Adriana Chechik/Instagram/Holly Randall Unfiltered/YouTube]

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