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Alabama Woman Mysteriously Vanishes After Stopping To Help A Toddler She Saw Walking On Highway

Alabama Woman Mysteriously Vanishes After Stopping To Help Toddler Walking Along A Highway

Police are searching for a 25-year-old woman after she mysteriously disappeared when she stopped to help a toddler she saw walking along a highway in Alabama.

According to a press release from the Hoover Police Department, Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell had been driving home from work in Birmingham on Thursday night when she suddenly spotted a young child wandering on the side of I-459 South near mile marker 11. She called 911 at around 9:34 p.m. to report the sighting.

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After contacting the police, law enforcement said Carlee stopped to check on the toddler and called a family member to tell them about the situation. The relative lost contact with her at one point, but the phone line remained open. Her mom Talitha Russell revealed to Alabama Local that Carlee was talking with her son’s girlfriend, who heard screaming before the call went nearly silent:

“My son’s girlfriend heard her asking the child, ‘Are you Ok? She never heard the child say anything but then she heard our daughter scream. From there all you hear on her phone is background noise from the interstate.”

When police eventually arrived at the scene, the press release stated they came across Carlee’s vehicle abandoned with some of her belongings nearby. However, they were unable to find her or a child anywhere in the area. Investigators also noted that they have not received any calls about a missing toddler.

Talitha told Alabama Local around the time of Carlee’s disappearance, there was a report from a trucker who allegedly saw her car with the door open and a gray car pulled over nearby. Authorities said in the press release they had no other informaiton about the vehicle or individual at this time. Now, Carlee’s family and police are asking for anyone with information to come forward. Her mom wrote on Facebook Friday:

“Friends and family, whatever city or state you’re in I would like to have someone spearhead search parties. Thank you and we are not receiving any negative thoughts. God is faithful and Carlee will be found safe and free from all hurt, harm, and danger.”

Meanwhile, Carlee’s father Carlos Russell told WVTM 13:

“We’re just gonna scour the earth. There’s no stopping us.”

Carlee was last seen wearing a black shirt, black pants, and white Nike shoes. She is 5 feet 4 inches and between 150 to 160 pounds. Anyone with information about the case or who believes they’ve seen Caralee has been asked to call Detective Brad Fountain at 205-444-7562. For more information on the case, see (below):

We’re keeping Carlee’s family in our thoughts and hope she is found safe soon.

[Image via Hoover Police Department/Facebook, WFLA News Channel/YouTube]

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