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Alec Baldwin Reportedly Hires Lawyer In Preparation For Rust Accidental Shooting Civil Lawsuits

Alec Baldwin Reportedly Hires Lawyer In Preparation For Rust Accidental Shooting Civil Lawsuits

Alec Baldwin is getting ready for the inevitable in the ongoing Rust accidental shooting fallout: the civil lawsuits that will stem from the tragedy and its aftermath.

According to new media reports, the longtime actor and former Saturday Night Live star has hired a lawyer to prepare for future civil lawsuits that could be brought against him or the production.

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Per TMZ, the longtime actor is lawyering up by hiring Aaron S. Dyer of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman to be his lawyer as potential civil suits perhaps begin to proceed in the ongoing case.

Dyer is a former Los Angeles County assistant district attorney. He will reportedly rep both Baldwin himself, as well as Rust Movie Productions and the other production companies involved in making the western.

Of course, the family of Halyna Hutchins — the cinematographer who died in the terrible tragedy — has not yet filed any suit against Alec or anyone else involved in the tragic situation. Still, it’s possible her family will choose to pursue civil action in the aftermath of this terrible scenario, even as investigators continue to determine the full and undisputed timeline of events that occurred on the Santa Fe, New Mexico-area film set.

Even so, other lawsuits have began to come in and other legal actions are starting to be taken as other lawyers determine the proper course of action for some of those involved and who witnessed the terrible tragedy. Filmmaker/director Joel Souza was also injured in the accidental shooting, after the revolver was evidently loaded with at least one live round even though there was supposed to be no ammunition inside.

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For one, the key gaffer on the set at that time, Serge Svetnoy, is already taking legal action over the issues on set amid the tragedy. According to TMZ, Serge is suing over the shooting, claiming Baldwin, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, and other defendants’ alleged negligence caused him severe emotional distress.

Obviously, the main focus of the aftermath of the tragedy is on Hutchins’ family, friends, and loved ones who are dealing with the unimaginable grief of the situation. But still, there are legal ramifications here what will be settled or litigated via civil suits throughout the next few years, too.

A tough, sad situation all around.

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN]

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