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Alex Rodriguez 'Making A Big Effort' To Save His Relationship With Jennifer Lopez -- All The Deets Here!

jennifer lopez, alex rodriguez : making a huge effort to save relationship

Will J-Rod survive?

That’s been the question on all of our minds since Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s breakup scare earlier this month. We mean, their relationship was so close to the brink that the media started reporting it was over! It’s gotta be hard to come back from that, especially when J.Lo is filming in the Dominican Republic and A-Rod is mostly in Miami.

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But according to a People source, the retired athlete isn’t letting work commitments get in the way of making things right with his lady. The insider said:

“He flew back [to the Dominican Republic] to spend a few more days with Jennifer. He is making a big effort, and he wants Jennifer to be happy.”

An E! News source agreed:

“Alex remains committed to working on things with Jennifer. It was important to Jennifer that Alex stepped up in a public way and showed his level of commitment to her with a trip to see her while working. Jennifer appreciates big gestures like these. … Things between the two of them are heading in the right direction.”

They continued with more good news:

“Jennifer will be in the Dominican shooting the film for several more weeks, so Alex will be trying to make it over there from Miami as often as his schedule allows. The couple plans on living together in Florida as soon as production finishes in April, while continuing work on their relationship and various joint business projects.”

Another E! insider reiterated that the former Yankee is “making a huge effort to show her that their relationship is his number one priority.” They added:

“They both realized that spending a lot of time apart wasn’t helpful. He had the opportunity in his schedule where he could go and be with her and that’s what they both wanted. He was originally supposed to visit every two weeks but he wanted to go sooner and she appreciated that. … They have a lot of work to do, but they are taking steps in the right direction.”

That being said, the baseball legend isn’t fully out of the doghouse yet, especially after the whole Madison LeCroy incident. A source previously told People:

“Jennifer is struggling with trust issues. They are far from planning a wedding again, but they are still engaged.”

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In fact, the insider admitted the Love Don’t Cost A Thing artist was “very much ready to give up” on the relationship — but “she is happy they are still together.” They shared:

“Although Jennifer has been filming, she has been able to spend time with Alex too. It has been great for them to spend time in person. They both seem much happier. They are taking things slowly though. They still have a lot to figure out before their relationship is great again.”

Another source pointed out:

“Don’t forget, this is the first time they have been apart in a year [as she films] and that can be hard. Whatever happened, they are working past it.”

Phew! We won’t lie, things still seem a little dicey, but the fact that they’re both putting in so much effort (especially on Alex’s side of the equation…) has to be a good thing, right? Crossing our fingers for these love birds!

[Image via Jaime Espinoza/WENN]

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