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Amber Heard Was 'Uncooperative' During Domestic Violence Call, Say Police

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court

More LAPD officers who responded to the domestic dispute call between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp spoke out in court on Wednesday during the actor’s defamation trial — and their testimony doesn’t bode well for the Aquaman star.

As we reported, video of Melissa Saenz — one of the responding officers to Heard’s domestic dispute call on May 21, 2016, in Los Angeles — was played on Tuesday afternoon. The veteran LAPD officer testified that she “did not identify [Heard] as a victim of domestic violence,” despite the actress’ claims that Johnny had thrown an iPhone at her face.

On Wednesday, Saenz’s partner, LAPD Officer Tyler Hadden, gave his testimony about that night, telling attorneys that the witnesses inside the residence, including Heard, were uncooperative and wouldn’t give any information.

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Hadden, a trainee at the time, recalled Amber refused medical treatment and didn’t want to make an incident report. He said that because the actress was “uncooperative,” he had no idea why she was upset — having been the one to call 911 to her residence.

As for the red marks on her face, Hadden echoed Saenz’s claims that Heard’s face simply seemed to be flushed with emotion, telling the jury that because he saw no evidence of injuries on Heard and that her red face was “consistent with crying,” he categorized the incident as a “verbal dispute” only.

He added:

“Just because I see a female with pink cheeks and pink eyes doesn’t mean something happened… [she could have been] crying because [her] dog died.”

But this wasn’t the only police visit that night!

Later on, LAPD officer William Gatlin told the court that he and a colleague went to see Heard again at 10:24 p.m. that night. Unfortunately for Amber, he also testified that he found Heard’s friends to be “uncooperative.”

The court was shown footage from Gatlin’s bodycam that showed the officers entering the building and walking down the corridor to the penthouse. Heard’s friend Josh Drew answered the door and tried to convince the officers to leave by telling them that other cops had already come by, but they insisted on going in.

Officer Gatlin said when the officers went inside, “it didn’t seem like anybody was particularly eager to talk to us.” The footage showed the cops entering and asking if Heard was alright, which she confirmed she was.

Innerestingly, Depp was not there by that hour. That’s really important . We pointed out regarding Officer Saenz’s testimony how abuse victims often shy away from accusing their significant other when police show up. But even after he was gone, when she was surrounded by friends, she did not make any accusations or press charges. Worth noting.

The officer said that because of the “dim lighting,” he couldn’t see if Heard had any bruises on her face or not, noting that based on the LAPD’s investigation, it appeared the actress was not a victim of domestic violence. He added:

“Based on her refusing to give any statement on what occurred and at the time we did not observe any visible or verifiable injuries to her.”

Gatlin went on to confess he was “not in a position” to say if Depp beat up Heard as he was not there when the incident occurred. When asked if he saw Heard and her friends “spilling wine and roughing the place up,” he confirmed he did not. The officer actually gave the court a rare moment of levity as he was asked if he was a “fan” of Depp’s at the time they went to the property — to which he responded:

“I guess I liked a couple of his movies, not rush out to see them or anything.”

At that, laughter broke out in the courtroom, including from Johnny. LOLz, at least he’s honest!

We’ll keep you updated as the trial continues. How do U think it’s going so far?

[Image via Law & Crime Network/YouTube]

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