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Amber Heard NOT 'A Victim Of Domestic Violence', Testifies Longtime LAPD Officer Who Closely Examined Her Face The Night Of 911 Call

Amber Heard Not Victim Domestic Violence Johnny Depp Defamation Trial

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard over what she wrote in her 2018 Washington Post op-ed, describing for the first time many months and several incidents of domestic violence. But it all started with that first accusation.

As followers of the ever messier divorce and subsequent legal battle know, Amber claimed nearly six years ago now, back in May 2016 — days after filing for divorce, that her then-husband had thrown an iPhone at her face. She provided proof in the form of a now-famous photograph showing an abrasion on her cheek and eyebrow.

Amber Heard hit with phone
(c) Amber Heard

For years now, Johnny and his legal team have disputed the claim, saying Johnny never hurt Amber, and in particular not in this instance. And they’ve tried everything they could to prove it.

Last year they put out Los Angeles Police Department bodycam footage from that night, showing there was no damage to the couple’s apartment — directly contradicting Amber and her friends’ claims that they had wrecked the place with their violent conflict.

There was word back then that in depositions, the officers who were called in on a domestic disturbance report that night were also corroborating Johnny’s version of events. And now we finally have that proof.

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In previously filmed testimony that was played in court on Tuesday, Officer Melissa Saenz gave her brief report on what she saw that night. She stated under oath about Amber’s claims:

“I did not identify her as a victim of domestic violence.”

On May 21, 2016, at about 9 p.m., Officer Saenz and her partner (a trainee named Officer Tyler Hadden) entered the apartment in response to a domestic dispute call. In her most shocking bit of testimony, frankly, Saenz told the court she did not at the time know who the celebs were. We mean, obviously working in El Lay you meet so many stars you get jaded — and in that particular line of work you certainly can’t get starstruck. But she didn’t know who Johnny Depp was?? She did say she was “impressed” by the wealth on display in the downtown penthouse. But still, wow.

Anyway, after a few minutes in the home, the 12-year LAPD vet and her partner left without taking any notes or filing a report, just deciding the call was “closed.” Why? Because they had determined no crime had taken place. While Amber was “red-eyed” and appeared to be “crying” she showed no signs of injury.

While it was some time ago, this isn’t out of the blue for Officer Saenz. She was also asked about the visit just weeks after the incident, in July 2016, as part of the couple’s divorce proceedings. In that deposition, she apparently also said that in an interview, Amber had “told her she was not hurt” and did not wish to make a complaint. Obviously it’s not uncommon for a domestic violence victim to back off or even protect their abuser when police arrive. However, Saenz said she did her due diligence and “closely examined her face and found no marks, swelling, or injury to her face.”

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An important note — the reason we didn’t hear from Officer Saenz during the UK libel trial (which Johnny lost) is apparently due to the lack of notes and photos to back up the cops’ testimony. We aren’t lawyers, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense to us — the sworn testimony of an officer of the law is always used in court cases. And if all of Amber’s testimony was disregarded due to lack of contemporary notes and other proof, wouldn’t this whole thing already have gone to Johnny? We aren’t trying to be funny here. This is all coming down to testimony — so why leave this out??

You can see the testimony for yourself starting at about the 5:50:00 mark (below):

What do YOU think of the latest in the case??

[Image via Law&Crime Network/YouTube.]

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