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Amber Portwood Breaks Silence On Fiancé's Disappearance -- And Downplays That ‘Fight’ They Had!

Amber Portwood Breaks Silence On Fiancé's Disappearance -- And Downplays That ‘Fight’ They Had

Amber Portwood has finally spoken publicly about the disappearance of her fiancé!

Gary Wayt has been missing since Sunday when the Teen Mom star reported his disappearance to police. The couple had traveled from their home in Indiana to North Carolina for her brother Shawn Portwood’s wedding. So what happened??

Amber told police she got into “an argument” with Gary on Sunday that caused the 39-year-old to storm off. The reason for their fight is still unknown at this time. However, it must have been bad since he left without Amber! He grabbed only his keys and wallet, walked out the door, and drove off in his gray 2009 Nissan Rogue. He even left his phone behind! Crazy, right? Obviously the fact he didn’t take his cell phone is making it much harder than it would have been to find him…

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Gary hasn’t reached out to anyone since Sunday — not even the reality star. Understandably, Amber is concerned and just wants to find her partner at this point. So, on Tuesday night, the MTV personality called into YouTube personality Elle Bee’s live stream while she was talking about Gary’s sudden disappearance to plead with the public for help. Amber said:

“This is a huge deal, his parents, everybody is very worried. I am worried.”

What’s more? She went on to completely downplay the quarrel they had right before he disappeared! The 34-year-old momma repeatedly swore they did not have “a big blowout fight,” saying:

“There was not a big blowout fight or anything like that. He is a missing person right now. Nobody has found or heard from him yet. I’m trying my best to not think the worst. I have not ate [sic] in three days. I slept maybe an hour.”

Umm… What? According to a statement from the cops to The US Sun, she literally told the police they got into “an argument” before he disappeared! Those were her words! Why is she downplaying it now? We’re guessing Amber has heard some awful theories about herself already in relation to the disappearance. She implied as much as she continued:

“I am not what people have been saying about me all of these years. I changed a long time ago, OK, you have to understand this. Please listen to what I am saying, I am an honest person to you guys. We have not had explosive fights. We are very in love, this man asked me to be with him, this man then asked me to marry him.”

Hmm. The 16 and Pregnant alum expressed that she and Gary “have a wonderful relationship” before insisting they never had “an explosive argument.” That being said, she did admit they had “a discussion” but assured “nobody was heated” at the time. Um… heated enough to forget a phone though, right? We understand why she’d want to push back on the characterization of her that all these years in the spotlight has fostered, but at the same time… It’s more important she keeps her story straight.

She did admit the conversation left both of them “very upset” tho! If you hoped to finally get answers about what their spat was about, don’t hold your breath. Amber’s lips were sealed on that matter for now.

The main point of speaking out is just to communicate how much she wants to find her fiancé. According to Amber, the police “saw him at the Walgreens on camera.” Other than that, no one has any idea where he went since then! And until Amber gets more answers about Gary’s whereabouts, she said she doesn’t plan to leave North Carolina. She concluded:

“Please if anybody sees him or hears anything please I am begging all of you guys. Please don’t think the worst right now. I am trying to be as positive as possible.”

We guess we’ll have to wait for those other details — maybe Amber will feel like being more forthcoming once Gary is found? In the meantime, you can watch the livestream (below):


If you have information about Gary’s whereabouts, contact the local police in Bryson City at 828-488-2196 and ask for Chief Robinson or Assistant Chief Dover.

[Image via Bryson City Police Department/Facebook, MTV’s Teen Mom/YouTube]

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