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Terrifying Accident On Set Of America's Got Talent: Extreme Leaves Stuntman Fighting For Life!!

Horrifying Accident On Set Of AGT: Extreme Leaves Stuntman Fighting For Life

Oh no!

An America’s Got Talent: Extreme stunt has gone too far — leaving one person fighting for their life! According to TMZ, Jonathan Goodwin, a well-known stuntman, landed in the hospital after a risky performance went terribly wrong (not the stunt pictured above).

Production insiders told the outlet how Goodwin was injured after performing a trick while suspended 70 feet in the air. Wearing a straitjacket and hanging by his feet from a wire, the escapologist’s task was to free himself from the restraints and fall on an air mattress without getting crushed by two cars that were also suspended and swinging past him. Unfortunately, the cars ended up crashing into each other, smashing Goodwin in between them! The impact resulted in a huge explosion that sent the daredevil plummeting to the ground after a burst of flames! He hit his head and was unresponsive after the fall — causing many on set to fear he had died on the scene.

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According to sources, Goodwin was airlifted to the hospital and rushed into surgery. It’s unclear what his exact injuries are and if he was ever responsive once EMTs arrived, but witnesses confirmed he is now in the trauma unit. His condition — likely severe — is also unknown at this time.

Throughout his career, the 41-year-old has appeared on many shows including Britain’s Got Talent, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the documentary series One Way Out. He also brought his skills to season 2 of The Magicians as a consulting producer. His most recent stunts occurred over the summer on AGT: Extreme. In one notable clip, he performed a stunt his mother begged him not to because it was that dangerous.

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In the act, Jonathan was chained to a structure with his face padlocked inside a metal box. His entire body was also coated with gasoline before a spiraled wire was lit, giving him just 20 seconds to pick the lock before getting seriously burned by the fire. It’s truly a terrifying moment that had the hosts on the edge of their seats and calling for medics. Check it out (below).

So, so scary!!

We’re wishing Jonathan a full recovery and thinking of him and his loved ones during this nerve-racking time.

[Image via America’s Got Talent/YouTube]

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Oct 15, 2021 09:30am PDT

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