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America's Got Talent: Extreme Stuntman’s Horrific Injuries Detailed -- It's A Miracle He's Alive!

Americas Got Talent Extreme Jonathan Goodwin Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, “extreme” is the right word for these injuries…

Jonathan Goodwin, the stuntman who suffered a terrible accident while filming a trick for America’s Got Talent: Extreme last week, is recovering. But with more insight into his life-threatening performance gone wrong, it truly sounds like a miracle that he even survived!

If you missed it, Jonathan was sandwiched between two cars while suspended 40 feet off the ground. In the act, he was supposed to free himself from restraints while dodging two cars swinging in the air. Unfortunately, the stunt went wrong and he was caught in the middle of a crash that resulted in a massive explosion. He fell to the ground and missed the airbag that was supposed to catch him, as well. Many on set believed the star was dead because he was initially unresponsive.

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According to a police report obtained by TMZ on Monday, the professional daredevil suffered broken bones in both of his legs, as well as cuts and burns all over his face. A responding officer shared that he was able to communicate with Jonathan after the incident, insisting the 41-year-old was conscious and alert. His vital signs were also good, according to EMTs. That said, the injuries were severe enough that he was airlifted to the hospital and underwent surgery.

You can see a shocking video that captures the collision in real-time (below), but be mindful that while the accident takes place far from view, it’s still harrowing.

That’s terrifying!! We’re so glad Jonathan is alive and on the mend!

[Image via America’s Got Talent/YouTube.]

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