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Olivia Jade Denies 'Complete Rumor' She & Married DWTS Partner Val Chmerkovskiy Are 'Hooking Up'!

Olivia Jade Bashes ‘Complete Rumor’ She & DWTS Partner Val Chmerkovskiy Are ‘Hooking Up’!

Uh, oh! Olivia Jade has found herself at the center of a whole new scandal!

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli‘s daughter has faced her fair share of backlash ever since joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars, but now she’s up against the worst rumors yet! Could she be having an affair with her married dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy?!

Taking to TikTok on Saturday, the 22-year-old slammed recent gossip for being nothing but “complete” B.S., and she didn’t mince her words when talking about the claims she and Val (who is married to JoJo Siwa’s partner Jenna Johnson, right inset) have been hooking up behind the scenes!

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Olivia started by sharing a clip originally made by @dearjane1, a popular user who recreates anonymous submissions regarding celeb rumors, insisting:

“Hey guys, I just wanna clear the air before this goes any further or this video blows up anymore. First of all, the woman that posted it blocked me. Someone had to send me this video. I’m just going to be super blunt and straight up, and just say that Val and I are not hooking up. We’ve never hooked up. This is a complete rumor; we are genuinely good friends and I adore his wife.”

She also added:

“It’s literally just a dance show and we’re just friends.”

The YouTube star, who faced extreme backlash as one of the most prominent figures in the college admission scandal, also claimed she’d be fine with the rumors if the romance was real, sharing:

“I don’t know why everything has to be something, but I’ve already obviously seen a ton of negative comments. And I’d get it if it was true, but it’s not so let’s end this here and let’s f**king dance and have fun on this show.”

She even slammed the gossip account — which has nearly 400K followers on the app — for publishing the supposedly fake news to her viewers. Damn!

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The original upload has since been deleted, but you can check out Olivia’s clip of it (below)!


clearing this one up real quick before this goes any further.

♬ original sound – Olivia Jade

After uploading that candid video, lots of followers have flocked to Jade’s comment section to show support, writing:

“Love that you addressed this so quickly, hate that you had to.”

“Rumors like this are so hurtful to everyone involved. The internet is way too invasive these days.”

“Do people not realize that guys and girls can just be friends…”

A former DWTS employee even claimed:

“As someone who worked on the show, Val & Jenna are a UNIT. Rumors like this happened with Sailor [Lee Brinkley-Cook] too and they’re beyond unfair to you all.”

Also, another fan insisted that the chemistry shared between the dancers is what leads to success on the show (let alone frustrating dating rumors year after year):

“Val’s a professional and close & like this with ALL his past dance partners…most duos that go far on DWTS have chemistry and enjoy being friends.”

So far, their connection has paid off! The competitors have made it to the top of the leaderboard, tying with Jenna and JoJo last week. Thoughts?? Do U think there’s any truth to these rumors? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Dancing With The Stars/YouTube & Olivia Jade/Jenna Johnson/Instagram]

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