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And Just Like That Removes Final Mr. Big Moment Amid Chris Noth Allegations -- Get A Peek At The Deleted Scene HERE!

And Just Like That Chris Noth Mr Big Finale Scene Cut

[BEWARE — SPOILERS ahead for And Just Like That…]

The only relief in the wake of the Chris Noth sexual assault allegations was the timing. And Just Like That… happened to have just killed off the beloved Mr. Big, right before the actor who portrayed him became considerably less beloved. In some ways it seemed like the show had accidentally, serendipitously dodged at least one bullet — they simply wouldn’t have to deal with the character going forward. (As opposed to The Equalizer, which had to fire him from his series regular gig.)

But now it seems they were not so lucky after all. According to a new report, the actor — and character — were scheduled to reappear once more in the season finale. And that moment has now been cut from the episode.

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How was Big coming back? TV Line‘s sources say Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Carrie was going to travel to Paris to stand on the Pont des Arts bridge, where Big first told Carrie she was The One, and spread her lover’s ashes over the Seine.

As part of her getting closure, a fantasy version of Big would appear to her, and they’d get one last goodbye. It’s unclear when and where they filmed the scene — perhaps it was one of those times they were seen filming that was determined to be a fakeout after the premiere. After all, they didn’t share any time on location in the episode.

Here are a couple pics from the set in Paris that might just be from that moment…

Sarah Jessica Parker films And Just Like That in NYC
Sarah Jessica Parker films And Just Like That in Paris, in October 2021. / (c) MEGA/WENN
Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth film And Just Like That in Paris
Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth film And Just Like That in Paris in October 2021. / (c) MEGA/WENN

The scene will now never be seen by the public.

According to the outlet’s sources, editing on the episode had not been completed before the allegations came out, and in their wake the creative team decided the scene could work without the magical moment.

Maybe Carrie will get her closure, but something tells us old school Sex and the City fans never will. Especially after hearing witnesses now coming forward claiming he brought his sexual misconduct to the set of the beloved show — and that everyone ignored it.

Something tells us the last ever planned scene between Carrie and Big was not exactly as inconsequential as they’re making it sound. But obviously it just wouldn’t play right anymore. Maybe the whole show won’t ever be right again. C’est la vie, we suppose.

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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