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Cynthia Nixon's Response To Fans' Anger Over What Miranda Did To Steve Is SO UPSETTING

And Just Like That Miranda Steve Cynthia Nixon WWHL Response Fans

If you’re an old school Sex and the City fan who isn’t happy with Miranda after her behavior on the revival series… you’re likely going to be even less satisfied by Cynthia Nixon‘s response to the criticism!

The And Just Like That… star appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, and Andy Cohen held her feet to the fire — a little — about her how her character’s storyline is being received.

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Spoiler alert for those who haven’t tuned in to the controversial HBO Max series: when the show begins, Miranda and Steve (David Eigenberg) are still together and have been since the show’s original ending. But then she meets Carrie’s boss, Che Diaz, and begins a torrid affair with the non-binary podcast host portrayed by Sara Ramirez — whom Cynthia “hand-picked” to play the role. She’s content at first to cheat on her love interest of 20+ years, unknowingly letting Che believe she’s in an open marriage. But when her new lover learns the truth, she is forced to choose — and decides to ask Steve for divorce, breaking the news to him by sitting him down and telling him she loves him and wants to hold his hands and tell him something. He responds with his typical good humor:

“Why? You want to ask me for a divorce or something? … Holy s**t. I was just kidding again. Are you serious?”

She responds:

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m not happy.”

This sent many longtime fans over the edge. Here’s a smattering of the responses:

Clearly, Andy (who, by the way, is series star Sarah Jessica Parker‘s bestie IRL) heard loud and clear — and actually asked Cynthia:

“Do you understand why fans are so upset about Steve’s treatment in this new iteration?”

To which she responded:

“I do, but I have to say that that’s the thing about breakups. Often times there’s one person that is making the breakup happen and the other person who is reluctant.”

Um, yeah. There’s always a dumper and a dumpee, what’s your point? The next words we cannot even believe. She said:

“But I have to say, that person who’s reluctant is pretty miserable too, and they’re just not admitting it.”

Wait… so anyone who is getting broken up with… also wants to break up, they’re just lying to themselves? There’s no such thing as victims when one person leaves for another?

Wow. That is… a take.

We mean, imagine watching First Wives Club and thinking, well, they secretly didn’t want to be married anyway, what are they whining about? It really lets anyone who makes a selfish decision in a relationship off the hook doesn’t it? To just project that the other person wants it, they just don’t know it? Red effing flag!

See the full Q&A — including Andy making a dig at Che’s comedy (below):

[Image via HBO Max/WWHL/YouTube.]

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