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Kim Cattrall Returning For MORE AJLT After Cameo? Cynthia Nixon Gives Odds...

Kim Cattrall And Just Like That Season 3 Cynthia Nixon Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City fans haven’t even gotten to see Kim Cattrall‘s big return yet — but as soon as they heard about it they were wondering if more was coming!

The news hit hard of Samantha Jones making an appearance in the Season 2 finale of And Just Like That… Longtime viewers were suddenly getting something they never thought they’d get again. Easily the biggest missing piece of the puzzle from the original show. It’s a huge gift… But of course we all just asked if it meant more was coming! Gurl opened the door a crack! That’s all the hope we needed! LOLz!

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So far as we know Cynthia Nixon is the first cast member to be asked that exact question. Bless him, Andy Cohen still lets fans ask the tough questions on Watch What Happens Live, and that’s just what happened to Cynthia on Thursday night. So what does Miranda have to say about more Kim Cattrall on Season 3 of AJLT?? What are the odds she comes back for “a larger role”??

“I think very, very small. It was a cameo. I think it was a special treat for the 25th anniversary.”

A “special treat.” It sounds like she — and presumably pal Sarah Jessica Parker — aren’t exactly Jonesing for more Jones. They were just doing fans a solid…

Only… It’s not necessarily up to them, is it? Kim revealed on The View she was contacted by the head of HBO himself. So if the ratings are good enough for that “special treat” a one-off could become a regular thing all too easily. All they’d have to do is continue filming Samantha separately, right? It’s not unheard of. And if that’s the mandate that gets a Season 3 greenlit, it may still happen!

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It’s clear Cynthia never wanted to answer any questions about the cameo. She pointed out it was supposed to stay secret:

“We tried so hard to keep it quiet. We’re really sorry it got out. It would have been such a fun thing as you’re watching an episode, and she would pop up.”

SJP said something very similar on Thursday! Speaking of Andy, she popped in for a convo on his Radio Andy show in which she lamented the leak, saying:

“It’s a big bummer because it would have been so, like, fireworks… And also we want to make sure expectations are real. It’s a little exchange that is happy and says everything about their relationship, all the stuff that’s off camera. They’re talking, they talk all the time — and it comes at a significant moment in the series, so…”

We can definitely see how it would have been an amazing surprise. But also…

We have to wonder if this leak was intentional on the part of someone over at HBO Max. After all, the first season of AJLT got a rather mixed reception. Samantha’s appearance may be a spoiler, but it’s also the best advertising this second season could have hoped for. Almost like maybe that’s what the head of HBO was going for?? Just maybe…

What do YOU think, Perezcious SATC fans? Did this leak make YOU want to watch more??

[Image via WWHL/Twitter/HBO/YouTube.]

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