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Anna Faris Wanted To Leave Hollywood After Quitting Mom

anna faris almost left hollwood after mom ended

Anna Faris almost said goodbye to acting!

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As fans of the show will know, the 45-year-old movie star abruptly left the CBS sitcom Mom in 2020 after seven seasons. Perhaps not surprisingly, according to what Faris told People on Tuesday, when she officially parted ways with the show she felt relieved:

“It felt like the first time that I didn’t have my foot on the gas.”

It was such a weight off of her shoulders she even thought about quitting acting completely! She told the outlet she had spent two decades “feeling competitive, feeling comparative” in her career after rising to fame with Scary Movie in 2000 — and she was tired:

“I was like ‘Do I have enough [money] to retire?'”

Wow! That’s a big contemplation to change your whole career path like that. Ultimately, The House Bunny actress decided to just slow down and reevaluate rather than quit all together:

“I really started to think about where I wanted to go in terms of career. And I definitely was enjoying all that free time.”

After taking some much-needed time off to spend with her new hubby Michael Barrett and their children, she jumped back into acting earlier this year:

“For The Estate to come along, it felt like Cinderella’s shoe a little bit in terms of a job. We got to shoot in New Orleans, a city that I love, with this incredible cast. And we got to play. It reminded me of my love for performing.”

The film is quite a different style than what we’re used to seeing Faris in, though! And she loves the opportunity to play a different character:

“On Mom, which was really rewarding in a very different way, everything is very precise. Sitcoms are incredibly surgical, and there’s not room for that kind of play. Everything is very choreographed. The dialogue is incredibly precise. And so from my first project out from that experience, to me it felt just completely rejuvenating. It made me really excited, and I hadn’t felt that way in a while.”

Aw, we’re so glad to hear Anna has found her passion again! We can’t wait to see where she goes next. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Bros. Entertainment/YouTube]

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