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Exposed! Stylist BASHES Anna Kendrick On TikTok For Nasty Behavior!!!

Anna Kendrick has been accused of bad behavior by a stylist!

Anna Kendrick is getting called to the curb for what sounds like some SERIOUSLY s**tty behavior!

TikTok user named Tahira published two videos on the social media platform Wednesday night accusing the star of a crappy attitude and claiming her serious lack of gratitude towards her fans during a 2016 book signing and a second run-in two years later. This is crazy!!!

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In her video, Tahira, who has also styled for Barneys, recalled her first experience with the Pitch Perfect star while working for another brand. At the time, the company was hosting the now-35-year-old actress at a book signing event and, well, we’ll just let the TikToker take it from there (below):

“You guys want the story, so this is the story. In 2016, right before I started working for Barneys, I worked for a different brand. She [Kendrick] had a book signing at my store, and my job was to pull a few look options for her to wear for the signing. She comes, I’m walking her through the rack, she won’t speak to me. That’s strike one. I’m asking her, ‘do you want to wear pants, or do you want to wear a dress?’ She won’t say anything. She turns to her PR lady, and the PR lady is like, ‘Can I speak to you outside?’ I’m like, ‘OK.’ She’s like, ‘if you guys want her to wear a look, $10,000.’ Um, What? Not my decision. I’m just here to pull the look. Let me get you the PR team. That was strike two.”

And Tahira continued from there!

The worst part, she claimed, was how Kendrick and her team treated all the fan mail:

“So at the event, our job was to collect all her fan mail: letters, gift cards, drawings, paintings, everything. At the end of the event, we’re thanking her for coming, and we’re like, ‘here is your three bags of fan mail.’ And she says, ‘I don’t look at that stuff,’ and her publicist says ‘Trash everything.'”

WTF?! Who behaves like that??

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And it got worse! Two years later, the stylist ran into the Twilight star again! Here’s the second part of Tahira’s accusations (below):

“I didn’t want to make a part two, but I just wanted to tell you guys that the fan mail we collected was so heartfelt. Heartfelt letters, and gift cards to her favorite places, and drawings, paintings, scrapbooks of times that they’d met her before, like it was so nice, and all of that went into the trash. So if you went to go visit this girl on her book tour, and you gave her a gift from your heart, you should know, it went in the garbage. And after that I said I would never support anything this chick does. Never.

Fast forward two years, I run into her at Barneys, and my colleague is actually helping her because I’m avoiding her like the plague. After she helps her, she comes over to me and goes, ‘Tahira, did you know who that was?’ I was like, ‘yeah, she’s an actress.’ And she goes, ‘well I had no idea who she was, and she got so nasty with me because I didn’t know who she was.’ I said, ‘oh my God, that sounds like the girl I met in 2016.’ OK? Nasty.”

Wow! All that heartfelt fan mail… ugh!


You can see all the recollections in both videos the stylist published to her TikTok account here:


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No response yet from Kendrick, though we’ll obviously update you on this if/when she does speak out.

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What do U think about her account, Perezcious readers? Are U taking them seriously? Is this just a chance for a random person to bash a celeb, or is there more to celebs being straight-up rude as f**k?! Sound OFF about all this with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Anna Kendrick/Instagram]

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