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Watch Shocking Moment Anti-Vaxxer Convinces Barely Breathing COVID Patient To Leave The Hospital

Watch Shocking Moment Anti-Vaxxer Convinces Barely Breathing COVID Patient To Leave Hospital

It’s horrifying and sad and overwhelming and depressing to think there are so many people out there like this man…

A new viral video is making the rounds online showing an anti-vaccine “activist” (ugh) persuading a COVID-19 patient to leave the hospital and stop their medical care. The elderly patient is clearly struggling to breathe the entire time, but the anti-vaxxer doesn’t seem to care about that…

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In the footage, the elderly patient identified as Joe is shown in a hospital bed while the anti-vaxxer tries to convince him nothing is wrong. A doctor is there, too, trying to convince Joe to stay in the hospital and continue receiving medical care.

According to the Irish Times, Joe had apparently been admitted to the hospital the week before the video was shot, told he needed to go on a ventilator, and refused. At one point, the COVID-denier — who filmed the interaction himself — says to the patient (below):

“Put your trousers on. We are going home. You are safe. Get your stuff. Nobody will touch you.”

Understanding the actual severity and lethality of the disease, the doctor tries in vain to plead with the old man, saying:

“What he is doing is wrong. He is endangering your life by doing that. You have to right to decide… but I don’t think what he’s saying is right. You are barely able to breathe… we want you to stay to help you.”

The pleas fall on deaf ears, though, as the anti-vaxxer wrongly and disturbingly adds:

“You wanna stay here, they’re going to f**king kill you Joe. These people aren’t going to help you.”

Though the doctor does his best, warning the man that he “could die” without medical care, the activist doesn’t relent, adding:

“Your oxygen is 98 percent, these people, they are lying, so we go home now my friend. …It’s better if he dies in the house than die in here.”

The doctor makes one final plea (below):

“I’m very worried about you, I want you to stay. I think he is staying something very dangerous. What he is saying is wrong and very dangerous. And I think he is endangering your life. It is a very difficult decision that you have… I’m not lying to you — you could die. But this will be your best chance in the hospital, getting the oxygen and getting the support we are giving to you.”

he man identified as Joe appears to be disoriented and in discomfort as he is wheeled out of the hospital.

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Like we said, the exchange was captured on video. You can watch that clip (below), but be forewarned that it is very disturbing and unsettling to see:

According to the Irish Times, this incident reportedly took place at Letterkenny General Hospital in County Donegal. A spokesperson for Saolta Healthcare Group, which oversees the hospital, released the organization’s statement about this viral video:

“[The hospital has] grave concerns about the impact of this type of activity on both patients and staff. The deliberate spreading of disinformation and at times defamatory comments against named staff members along with the posting of these videos on social media platforms is adding significantly to the burden already facing healthcare professionals.”

It’s unclear what happened to the patient after he was wheeled out of the hospital.

Such a scary, sad video…

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