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Did Argentina's President Adopt A Jewish Baby To Stop It From Becoming A Werewolf??

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The answer is no, absolutely not.
Well… sort of.
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Argentina’s President Cristina Fern├â┬índez de Kirchner just took on Iair Tawil as a godson. True.
Thing is, Iair is a 21-year-old son of a rabbi, and now, Argentina’s first Jewish presidential godson, even though he’s not a baby and is at no risk of becoming a lycanthrope.
Apparently several news agencies, which we won’t be making fun of for reporting something so ridiculous, claimed that the president adopted a baby to keep it from becoming a werewolf.
In Argentina, the legend of the lobizón is similar to the standard werewolf legend. Basically, in the Argentinian legend, the seventh son of a seventh son was suuuuuper susceptible to becoming a werewolf.
What’s funny is this apparently has nothing to do with the Argentinian tradition of the seventh son (or daughter) of a family being eligible to become the President’s godchild. That tradition was apparently brought over by Russian immigrants in 1907.
President Fernández is already godmother to around 700 children after taking office in 2007.
Regardless, it’s still pretty cute this 21-year-old man became her godson!
We love they’re all lighting a menorah too, seeing as how only Christian babies used to be eligible to become presidential godchildren!
We’re glad times are changing! And REALLY glad werewolves don’t exist. LOLz!
[Image via Twitter.]

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Dec 29, 2014 23:00pm PDT