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HUH?? Did Armie Hammer Once Provoke His Dog To Bite Him??

armie hammer provoked his dog to bite him?

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly keep opening Armie Hammer stories with, “Just when we thought the Armie Hammer scandal couldn’t possibly get any stranger” …

Seriously, this story has been WEIRD from top to bottom, from the anonymous “cannibalism” DMs, to the on-the-record BDSM comments from ex-girlfriends, to the freaky private “finsta” and the Miss Cayman Islands apology. In a matter of weeks, our ENTIRE perception of Armie Hammer has completely changed, and somehow new info just keeps rolling in.

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There have also been anonymous sources coming to the defense of those closest to him, like the ones who claimed his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers is “completely shocked” by all the stories coming out. But she’s not the only one getting the insider protection treatment — now a source has come forward to defend his DOG, too!

Unsurprisingly, this source’s claim once again makes the Social Network star look like a huge weirdo. (Maybe this is a good place to note he’s not just weird, but also an alleged abuser.) Their tale (or tail, for all you dog lovers) involves one of the posts on Armie’s private Instagram account. The photo, which was posted in December 2020, shows a nasty, stitched-up cut, with the caption “F**king Archie.” (Check the photo out HERE.)

Except this insider told DM that Archie, whom the actor shares with his ex, is actually “very docile” and “would only do something like this if provoked.” According to the source, Armie was actually goading the dog into biting him!

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We thought the 34-year-old’s sadomasochism thing was all about inflicting pain on other people (women, specifically), not himself, but maybe he likes it both ways…?

In any case, this is somehow not the only bit of info we’ve received about the father of two’s relationship with his dog this week. Armie’s ex Paige Lorenze recently talked in depth about her disturbing experiences with him to multiple outlets. In an interview with The Sun, she dropped this tidbit:

“He would get angry at his dog and say like, I’m going to kill this dog, I would have strangled him if you weren’t here.”

Err.. okay, so, the man had an allegedly fraught relationship with his dog, for some reason. It’s maybe not the most upsetting thing we’ve learned about him (we don’t know that he actually hurt the dog), but being unkind to animals definitely does not reflect well on a person.

We’ll just file this away as another piece of the very, very strange puzzle that is Armie Hammer.

[Image via Drew Altizer/WENN]

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