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Ashley Tisdale & Kevin Smith Have The Most Hilarious Twitter Beef Of All Time!

Ashley Tisdale and Kevin Smith have it out on Twitter

This might just be the weirdest Twitter feud in the history of the internet…
Ashley Tisdale and Kevin Smith briefly clashed on the social media platform over the weekend after the High School Musical alum decided to publicly call out Clerks director over his less-than-fabulous driving!
The 33-year-old actress issued a direct complaint to the 48-year-old filmmaker on Saturday, letting all their followers know that he damaged her car because he was driving like a fiend in their Hollywood Hills neighborhood.
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She shared:

Ashley Tisdale and Kevin Smith have it out on Twitter
(c) Ashley Tisdale/Twitter


Smith wasn’t about to let this turn into an all-out feud, though. He responded to Tisdale with a humble apology — and, just for good measure, included a nod to one of her most famous on screen characters.
He replied:

Ashley Tisdale and Kevin Smith have it out on Twitter
(c) Kevin Smith/Twitter

Ha! Way to not stay silent, Silent Bob!
From there, it appeared all was good between the neighbors. Ash accepted Kevin’s apology, composing a response tweet complete with a smiling emoji:
Ashley Tisdale and Kevin Smith have it out on Twitter
(c) Ashley Tisdale/Twitter

Good! No bad blood here!
Later on, the director revealed that the “incredibly sweet” actress stopped by his house and tried to apologize for the incident. Kevin apparently insisted that the minor car accident was his fault, and then went on to further praise Tisdale for her work in HSM.
To end this would be-feud on a hilarious note, the comedian included an image in his final tweet (below) with the words, “I forgot to ask for a selfie.” He shared:


So glad they were able to patch things up! We have enough feuds to keep track of as it is!

Tbh, we’d expect these two particular celebs to bury the hatchet quickly. Historically speaking, Ashley’s made a point to be anti-feud when it comes to dealing with other stars.
Back in 2017, the Disney alum seemingly took shots at noted beef propagator, Taylor Swift, over her diss track Look What You Made Me Do — only to later clarify that she would never start such a feud!
At the time, she wrote in a series of since-deleted tweets:

“Music is supposed to bring us together. It’s supposed to unite us. When we have artists targeting each other for the sake of controversy. The art suffers. When will try to stop bringing each other down and start lifting us up when we live in a world that’s doing exactly that?”

Smith, meanwhile, is in a much too positive mental state to hold petty grudges. He’s lost over 50 lbs in the months since his nearly fatal heart attack scare, and, in October 2018, revealed he was below 200 lbs for the first time since he was a teenager!
Clearly, these two just aren’t the feuding type. Hopefully, other celebs will take note of Sharpay and Silent Bob’s attitude and squash their beefs, too!
[Image via FayesVision/WENN]

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