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Audrii Cunningham Murder Suspect Went NAKED To His Arraignment -- See The Shocking Video!

Audrii Cunningham Murder Suspect Don Stephen McDougal Naked Arraignment

A new video shows a shocking moment from inside the Polk County Jail with the man suspected of killing 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham.

According to body camera footage obtained by ABC 13, Polk County sheriff’s deputies went to remove Don Steven McDougal from his jail cell for an arraignment in front of the justice of the peace on Wednesday. When officers opened the cell door, they got quite the surprise — McDougal was completely naked! In the video, a deputy opened the door to enter the room and said while this the murder suspect was lying down with a blanket covering his body:

“Come on, [the justice of the peace] wants to talk to you.”

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As McDougal pulled the blanket off his body to get up, the deputy realized he had no clothes on, exclaiming:

“Where’s your clothes? Hold on!”

McDougal claimed he did not have any clothes. And he refused to put anything else on! However, the deputy wasn’t standing for it. He then told the suspect to wrap himself in the blanket:

“Come on, man, don’t disrespect me like that. Well, wrap up in that. Wrap up in the blanket.”

Yeah, you read that right. McDougal went on to stand before the justice of the peace wearing nothing but a blanket around his waist. The video then cuts to him being read his Miranda rights and asked if he would like a court-appointed attorney. However, McDougal said he would “get an attorney” himself. The justice of the peace proceeded to inform him he’s been charged with capital murder in connection to the brutal death of Audrii:

“You’re going to hire your own? All right, all I need you to do is sign right here for me. Your charge is capital murder. That’s no bond.”

ABC 13 reported that McDougal remains behind bars. Records do not show whether he has obtained an attorney at this time. You can watch the shocking video (below):

We cannot believe any parents would willingly allow this man to get anywhere near their daughter, much less be the only adult watching them.

As we reported, Audrii was found dead in the Trinity River in Texas earlier this month. McDougal had been the last person to see her on February 15, the same day she was reported missing. He had taken her to the bus stop before school — something he had done in the past as he was her dad’s pal and lived in the trailer behind their home. In fact, he would even watch her sometimes, despite having a criminal history of enticing a minor. Quickly after her disappearance, McDougal became a suspect.

Based on his statements after being arrested for unrelated charges, phone records, and surveillance footage, cops were able to find Audrii’s dead body tied to a rock at the bottom of the river with a rope. Police had seen that same rope in McDougal’s truck days before during a traffic stop. So, he was charged with capital murder. Meanwhile, Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office said she died of “homicidal violence including blunt head trauma.” Just awful…

We continue to send our condolences to Audrii’s family, friends, and loved ones.

[Image via ABC13 Houston.]

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