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Matt James, Tayshia Adams & Other Bachelor Franchise Stars Speak Out In Support Of Rachel Lindsay!

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is receiving a TON of support!

Don’t mess with the Bachelor Nation‘s star cast members — especially not beloved former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay!

The 35-year-old reality TV star-turned-TV host and entertainment journalism correspondent has been finding out just how many fellow cast members have her back this week. And it’s quite the list!

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As we’ve been reporting, Lindsay has been back in the news after a contentious interview with Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison. The interview was on current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell‘s past racist behavior — including old pics of her attending an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal during her college years in Georgia.

Now, even though both Harrison and Kirkconnell have walked back the controversy and apologized, other Bachelor Nation alums are still roundly coming forward behind Lindsay, who rightfully called Harrison to the curb over the issue. And it’s a sight to see!

Current leading Bachelor stud — and the first Black Bachelor, BTW — Matt James wrote in a Friday afternoon Instagram Stories post (below):

“I am beyond [grateful] to have Rachel as a mentor during this season. Your advocacy of BIPOC people in this franchise is invaluable, I stand with you and the rest of the women advocating for change and accountability.”


And Tayshia Adams, who was the most recent Bachelorette and took over after Clare Crawley left last season, added in her own IG Stories post (below):

“I am really hurt and disappointed and confused at the ignorance when it comes to race. The things that have come to light within the Bachelor franchise this past week have just been eye-opening. The photo that [Kirkconnell] was in is racist; the party she attended, racist. Her actions have been racist. When there are blatant forms of racist acts you cannot be defensive of it. It speaks volumes, and I just have to say I am really hurt by this response.”

Adams went a step further with it, also discussing the ordeal on a special episode of her Click Bait podcast.

During the show, the 30-year-old star added:

“This hit me on a different level, I think also just because I am the current Bachelorette, if you will. The first biracial lead. I definitely will say, watching that interview, my eyes were wide open. My jaw was kind of to the floor, just because it was an ongoing conversation filled with so much defense and what I feel is ignorance. To be clear, I think all everybody was looking for is a little bit of accountability in the sense of just saying the images that have come out, they’re wrong. Bottom line is they’re wrong.”


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Dale Moss, who just recently broke up with Crawley, also got in on the discussion with an Instagram post at the end of the week:


Even Clare herself took time to post an IG Story expressing “extreme disappointment” with Harrison for his actions specifically during that interview with Lindsay.

The Sacramento hairstylist wrote:

“I have been really understanding the magnitude of how racist behavior, and racism impacts out society and perpetuates ignorance and oppression. I have been listening to conversations and discussions as an ally and will always continue to learn, denounce, and support BIPOC in the fight against racism. To my friend Rachel: you are a force of strength, empowerment, and composure as you have continually shown up as a voice to create change not only within this franchise, but far beyond. You are not alone.”


It’s great to see so many cast members stepping forward for something so important!

Will we see wholesale changes on the show because of it?!

Sound OFF about everything with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Rachel Lindsay/Dale Moss/Matt James/Clare Crawley/Instagram]

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