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Former Bachelorette Tayshia Adams Tearfully Breaks Silence About 'Really Tough' Breakup From Zac Clark

Former Bachelorette Tayshia Adams Breaks Silence About 'Really Tough' Breakup From Zac Clark

Tayshia Adams has broken her silence about her difficult split from former fiancé Zac Clark.

The 31-year-old one-time Bachelorette and current co-host of this season’s run, alongside fellow alum Kaitlyn Bristowe, briefly addressed the breakup on Monday night’s reunion episode of The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All. While Tayshia didn’t take too much time away from the men who vied for contestant Michelle Young‘s heart this season, the Orange County native did briefly discuss her own relationship rumblings — and it appeared to be very painful for her.

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In a separate on-air conversation away from the men, Kaitlyn graciously gave Tayshia the opportunity to speak publicly about the breakup, telling her friend:

“I know there’s a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation, but I do think it’s important for you to have the chance to clear the air, have a voice for yourself. Say whatever you want to say before other people get to make the story for you.”

While she was clearly sad, and speaking through tears, Tayshia briefly spoke up about her mental and emotional state following her split from Clark:

“All I have to say is that I’m heartbroken. But we tried really hard and I still love him very much. And I’m not sure what the future holds. You know how it is. It’s really hard.”

So sad.

Compassionately, Kaitlyn quickly changed the topic and introduced one of Michelle’s suitors on this season, opting to chat with him about the show as Tayshia left the stage to have a minute.

The Bachelorette's Zac Clark Celebrates 10 YEARS Clean & Sober From 'Shooting Heroin, Smoking Crack, And Guzzling Booze'
Zac has yet to speak publicly following the reveal of the news of his split from Tayshia. / (c) Zac Clark/Instagram

Ugh… We really feel for her.

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Hours later, early on Tuesday morning, the newly-trained marathon runner took to the podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour, and spoke with co-host Becca Kufrin about going through the public split. When Becca asked how Tayshia was doing, the now-single woman admitted she’s “definitely hanging in there.” Tayshia also acknowledged that filming Monday night’s episode of the show was “really tough” for her to go through because it actually came on the same day as the split news broke.

Telling Becca about how she didn’t have much more to say (yet) about the situation, Tayshia said:

“It was just very heavy, but I had a job to do at the same time. And so I’m really happy I was able to be surrounded by all of you guys and be supported by that. But it doesn’t make any of that easier. But I really said all I had to say on that stage. I don’t really have anything to add to it just because I’m still going through it all, and yeah, I spoke my piece. And one day, when I feel like I have more to say, I’m sure we can talk about it all.”


And just like Kaitlyn stepped in on Monday night to take the focus away from Tayshia, Becca did the same on Tuesday morning’s podcast, telling listeners:

“Breakups are never easy in general, but when you’re in such a public platform and everyone’s comments and criticism and opinions and words get you, it just makes it that much harder. So everyone listening, please give Tayshia some support, throw a prayer her way. And just know that you have so much love behind you, so much support. We’re wishing you both the best. And you know, it’s life. These things happen, and hopefully, you know, you can learn and grow and move on from that. But I’m glad that you were able to just say it and leave it out and now, you know, do whatever Tayshia needs to do to move on and heal from this.”

That’s big of Becca.

Kufrin knows a thing or two about bad breakups, too, so good for her for standing up for her friend and podcast co-host. Breakups are NEVER easy, and it sounds like this one is particularly tough on her. So we’re sending Tayshia our best wishes as she continues to grapple with this difficult situation!

[Image via Tayshia Adams/Instagram]

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