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According to reports, the prosecution brought out four people (including two relatives) on Wednesday to ID the gal in the sex tape central to the R. Kelly child molestation case.

They all testified that the woman who’s been denying involvement is basically lying and that she was between the ages of 13 and 14 at the time the footage was shot.

The alleged victim’s best friend was one of the witnesses.

“I know her like the back of my hand,” the BF testified.

She also said the girl’s haircut indicated she was 14 on the tape, “We got our hair cut the same way together,” she says. “It’s a mullet. Short at the top, long at the back.”

The BF also identified the man in the video as Kelly.

But lawyers for Kelly hammered the prosecution witnesses, suggesting the tape was doctored and part of a plot by relatives to get money from the singer.

Technology is so good these days — Can’t the prosecution have the tape authenticated?

We’re still inclined to believe R. is guilty, more or no mole!

What do U think???

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May 22, 2008 14:00pm PDT

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