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TikTok Accuses Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas Of Colluding With Papz & Staging A Romantic Dog Walk!

Ben Affleck's PR relationship exposed

Lights, camera, action?

Even during a global pandemic, not a day goes by where a celebrity doesn’t get photographed by a gaggle of paparazzi. Sure, actors and papz don’t always get along, but the actor-photog relationship is one of Hollywood’s most mutually beneficial.

Case in point: Ben Affleck and his new squeeze, Ana de Armas. We’ve been reporting on them a lot lately, as it seems like every day the papz have been catching them on yet another tranquil, romantic stroll.

The latest of these casual outings saw the pair walking their dogs in an El Lay neighborhood (above), and looking just under red-carpet-ready for the task. Were they anticipating a run-in with the papz? You can say that, according to a TikTok user who straight up accused the couple of setting the whole thing up!

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An amateur social media sleuth who goes by the name of Jorge Lopezoo claims he had been in LA for “a day” when he saw *Bena de Armffleck* seemingly being hounded by paparazzi while walking their pooches. But in the comments section of his post, he made quite the revelation: apparently, the couple “called” the paparazzi letting them know they were “ready” to be photographed!

In response to a commenter who said it “must be depressing” to be stalked by shutterbugs, Jorge wrote:

“The depressing part is the celebrity called them saw it [with] my own eyes.”

When asked which celeb made the call, Jorge claimed:

“Ben’s girlfriend made the call and said ‘ok Rodrigo we’re ready…’ then 4 or 5 paparazzi proceed to jump out of a van. I was so confused.”

Ha! Welcome to Hollyweird, kid!

Whether or not Jorge is telling the truth, this allegedly staged dog walk was not thought out well, if you ask us.

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Sure, a star’s gotta look their best, but these stars are a bit too glammed out to be picking up dog poop. Typically, we’d assume they had somewhere glamorous to be afterward, but the fact that El Lay is on total lockdown makes this casual stroll a bit sus.

What say you, Perezcious readers? Was that TikTok user spewing lies about Ben and Ana? Or are the two really in cahoots with the papz? Ch-ch-check out the evidence and share your thoughts (below)!

[Image via WENN]

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