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OMG! Ben Affleck Putting Ex Jennifer Garner In His Next Movie! As Matt Damon's Wife!

Ben Affleck Cast Jennifer Garner New Movie Matt Damon Wife

Well, these are dangerous waters Ben Affleck is wading into…

According to a really surprising scoop from The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, none other than Jennifer Garner is in talks to star as the female lead in Ben’s next directing effort. We know, right? The man actually cast his ex-wife in a movie?! WILD!!

It’s especially shocking when you realize he’s been directing for a decade and a half and never put her in any of his pictures before, not while they were married. Now that they’re divorced and the best of pals? Yeah, he’s got a juicy role for her!

Per the trade, Animals is a crime thriller set up with Netflix, all about a politician and his wife whose child is kidnapped. Jen plays the wife, and — further complicating this already bonkers story — her husband will be played by Matt Damon! Ben’s longtime bestie! They may even have to kiss or more onscreen! With Ben directing them! How awkward!

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It’s funny, between Kevin Smith‘s loose tongue and the fact Ben and Matt didn’t make a single movie together the entire time they were married, we kiiiinda got the impression Garner wasn’t the biggest fan of any of Ben’s friends. Who knows, maybe that was totally wrong? In any case, this seems to be Affleck’s heaven, bringing everyone he loves together to work on projects with him, with no bad blood whatsoever. It’s kind of enviable if we’re being honest. Only…

Well, the last time Ben and Jennifer Lopez were a couple, and then he went off to make a movie with Jennifer Garner, that was Daredevil. J.Lo reiterated in an interview just this week that the reason for the OG Bennifer breakup was the pressures of fame and NOT him leaving her for another woman. But we already know from past interviews that Ben admitted to falling in love with Jen (Garner) while they were making Daredevil. They were both married to other people, but the chemistry overwhelmed them. So, you know, pressures of fame may have been a factor, but as far as we’re concerned the OTHER WOMAN was a bigger one.

So now Bennifer is back and better than ever, making documentaries and Dunkin commercials together, and the man is going to risk that by signing on to work with Garner again?! Like we said, dangerous waters.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

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Feb 16, 2024 12:47pm PDT