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Ben Affleck Sparks Plastic Surgery Speculation After 'Hard Launching A New Face' At Tom Brady's Roast! LOOK!

Ben Afflect Sparks Plastic Surgery Speculation After ‘Hard Launching A New Face’ At Tom Brady Roast!

Ben Affleck was looking a little different last night!

The actor took the stage during Sunday night’s The Roast of Tom Brady, but fans were WAY more caught up with his appearance than his jokes! Quickly, viewers took to X (Twitter) with speculation about whether or not the Good Will Hunting alum went under the knife!

One troll joked that the 51-year-old was “hard launching a new face” at the event, while another said he seemed like he was “fresh from a face lift” that left him “melty looking.” Yeesh!

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Ben was notably fresh-faced and without his signature scruff for the event. And yet, nobody seemed to be blaming the new look on his clean-shaven appearance — everyone was CONVINCED he had some serious work done. Look at what caused the controversy:

Ben Afflect Sparks Plastic Surgery Speculation After ‘Hard Launching A New Face’ At Tom Brady Roast!
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube & Netflix


It’s def a different look! Questioning the new visuals, fans wrote:

“THIS is Ben Affleck? Why does his face look so different? It’s almost like he had some nips & tucks done.”

“Ben Affleck’s face at the Tom Brady roast looked like Bruce Springsteen after a three-day bender. What is going on?”

“What’s going on with Ben Affleck’s face? He looks Curious George!”

“I know why we always think Ben Affleck is angry.  He’s had so much Botox.. his face just doesn’t move”

“Ben Affleck couldn’t afford good plastic surgery? No wonder he seems so angry. That’s permanent.”

Meanwhile, another user suggested the new look could be a sign of trouble for his marriage to Jennifer Lopez, noting:

“People are tweeting that Ben Affleck had plastic surgery. Is it true? Whenever one partner tries to change the other, the marriage is doomed.”

Damn. That’s brutal!

Do U think Ben got work done?? Or maybe the fact he had no beard just has everyone confused? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube & Netflix]

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