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Did 'Miserable' Ben Affleck 'Slam' Door On Jennifer Lopez In Viral Video?! See Why Fans Are Torn...

Ben Affleck Slams Door Jennifer Lopez TikTok Video

Is Ben Affleck miserable? Angry at Jennifer Lopez?? Or is this a case of selection bias..?

A brand new video of the couple is going viral after being posted on TikTok. The user (who may or may not have been the one recording the celebs with their phone) only referred to one aspect of the interaction — the fact Ben opens and shuts J.Lo’s car door for her before getting in himself. They wrote over the clip:

“Ben Affleck shows chivalry isn’t dead”

But that’s not what a lot of other fans took away from the video! See what YOU think (below)!


Ben Affleck opens & closes JLo’s car door

♬ original sound – Movie Maniacs

A lot of viewers made it clear they didn’t see Ben being a gentleman — they saw him being a bitter husband! The comments were quick to point out the Justice League star’s sour face, saying he looked “miserable” — and even thought he was slamming the door on his wife! See some of the comments (below)!

“Chivalry isn’t dead, but it looks like happiness is.”

“what chivalry? he slammed the door to her eardrums ”

“you can ‘have it all’ and still be miserable”

“Lol, the way he slams the door.”

“Ben looks like he’s carrying all the world’s problems on his back ”

“They always look miserable together”

“never go back guys. there’s a reason/reasons you split.”

“good to know misery doesn’t have financial boundaries.”

But there were plenty of fans jumping to Batfleck’s defense!

Video: Jennifer Lopez Says She’ll ‘Walk Out’ On Ben If He Pulls A Tom Sandoval!

Others had a different read of the situation, writing:

“I think he’s just tired of being followed by cameras. let them live, they’re humans like everyone else”

“Everyone commenting on the door slam saying he’s over her already. He’s clearly over being watched, filmed, photographed for everything he does.”

“imagine if paparazi following U 24/7”

He definitely shoots a look right at the camera at the end there. Is it possible the reason Ben always looks annoyed/miserable/tired is because in every paparazzi photo and video, he’s being… followed by paparazzi?? It’s not like we see pics of him for real!

Most folks who’ve opened up about meeting him in restaurants or casinos say he’s funny and personable! So maybe it’s just a matter of selection bias??

And then of course there’s the fact Ben famously has resting sad-face. Even J.Lo has acknowledged it! Just last month she shared a trailer for his new movie Air — but replaced the thumbnail with THIS meme!

See? She knows! LOLz!

What do YOU think was up with Ben Affleck? Just showing good manners — and getting misjudged? Or bitter, miserable and slamming the door on his lady?? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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May 11, 2023 11:45am PDT