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One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Lenz Reveals Name Of Cult That Took 'Millions' From Her!

One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Lenz Reveals Name Of 'Cult' She Was Allegedly In

Bethany Joy Lenz is revealing more details about her cult experience.

The synopsis for the One Tree Hill actress’ new book Dinner for Vampires was recently released by publishers Simon & Schuster, and in it we’re getting a little bit of a deeper look into Bethany’s story. As you may recall, the 42-year-old left fans shocked when she claimed she was in a cult for a decade. And yes, that includes when she was filming OTH. She recalled the experience being a somewhat open secret among her co-stars at the time — and some even trying to save her!

Wild stuff!

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She’s been tight-lipped about the whole thing — until her book comes out anyway. And it looks like the info is already starting to come out with the synopsis! It begins:

“In the early 2000s, after years of hard work and determination to breakthrough as an actor, Bethany Joy Lenz was finally cast as one of the leads on the hit drama One Tree Hill. Her career was about to take off, but her personal life was slowly beginning to unravel. What none of the show’s millions of fans knew, hidden even from her costars, was her secret double life in a cult.”

The book’s description even went on to name the cult:

“An only child who often had to fend for herself and always wanted a place to belong, Lenz found the safe haven she’d been searching for in a Bible study group with other Hollywood creatives. However, the group soon morphed into something more sinister—a slowly woven web of manipulation, abuse, and fear under the guise of a church covenant called The Big House Family.”

The Big House Family! Never heard of that one! Could this be the same as The Family that actress/screenwriter Guinevere Turner wrote about in 2019?? She did mention a Big House as part of her story… You can read more on that HERE!

We’re fascinated to learn more! Speaking of which… According to Bethany’s story, the leader of the cult drained her money and even forced her into marriage:

“Piece by piece, Lenz began to give away her autonomy, ultimately relocating to the Family’s Pacific Northwest compound, overseen by a domineering minister who would convince Lenz to marry one of his sons and steadily drained millions of her TV income without her knowledge. Family “minders” assigned to her on set, “Maoist struggle session”–inspired meetings in the basement of a filthy house, and regular counseling with “Leadership” were just part of the tactics used to keep her loyal.”

Scary stuff!

Another wild detail? Apparently a fan helped her leave the sketchy group:

“Only when she became a mother did Lenz find the courage to leave and spare her child from a similar fate. After nearly a decade (and with the unlikely help of a One Tree Hill superfan), she finally managed to escape the family’s grip and begin to heal from the deep trauma that forever altered her relationship with God and her understanding of faith.”

OMG! That’s all just in the synopsis?? If this wasn’t a must-read before, it definitely is now!

The book won’t officially hit shelves until October, but it can be preordered now. Will U be reading? Let us know (below).

[Image via Access Hollywood/YouTube]

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