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16 & Pregnant's Sean Garinger Killed In Horrific ATV Accident

16 & Pregnant Star Selena Gutierrez's Baby Daddy Sean Garinger Killed In Terrible ATV Accident

We have sad, sad news to share.

Sean Garinger has tragically been killed in an ATV accident at his home in Boone, North Carolina. Selena Gutierrez‘s baby daddy from 16 & Pregnant was just 20 years old. The on again, off again couple welcomed two children during their time together, daughters Dareli and Esmi. And now these poor little girls have to grow up without their father.

On Friday, Sean’s mom Mary Hobbs confirmed the news to The US Sun, saying she was there at the scene of the accident:

“I was with him when it happened. He was just moving [the ATV] from one parking spot to the next for me, so I could back in to park. He pulled [in] front of me to park the ATV and the ground gave way from all the rain and mud.”

It was then the ATV “flipped” on top of the young man and “crushed” his skull. Mary did her best to help her son, but sadly it was just too late:

“I ran to neighbors trying to get someone to help me get the ATV off of him. No one answered. I ran back to him. By that time, I realized he wasn’t alive anymore. I just laid next to him until the ambulance showed up.”

So horrific. We can’t even imagine…

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The boy’s mom revealed they were planning on buying a car so he could go see Selena and his daughters where they live in Colorado, but they “never made it back to the dealership”. The heartbroken mother told the outlet:

“There was a huge part of my heart that died with my son on Wednesday. He was my only son, my rock, my strength when I had none left. We loved spontaneously jumping in the car for a road trip or a beach sesh. We bonded over music, fast cars and shooting guns and taking new adventures. Sean brightened my world in a way no one else could ever come close to. He was my baby boy, my squishy, my heartbeat.”

An insider also spoke to the outlet about Sean — whose nickname from his family is “Squishy” — and they revealed his baby momma is devastated, despite them both seeing other people at the time of his passing:

“Sean got close to Selena’s family these past few months – his mom and Selena’s mom, and Sean and Selena’s brother Ricky. Sean visited Selena’s family literally a week before his death because he came to Colorado to visit his daughters. [Selena’s] not in a good place.”

So sad!

On top of that, the source revealed Sean was going back to school for welding and had big plans for his future… plans he will sadly never get to follow through on. Our hearts are with his family and loved ones as they navigate this tragedy.


[Image via MTV’s Teen Mom/YouTube]

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