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Bethenny Frankel Says Bravo Battle Is 'Personal' For Andy Cohen -- He Now 'Despises' Her!

Bethenny Frankel Says Bravo Battle Is 'Personal' For Andy Cohen -- He Now 'Despises' Her!

Bethenny Frankel is on the outs with Bravo thanks to her “reality reckoning” plan!

As you no doubt know, the 52-year-old former Real Housewives of New York City star has been on a mission to unionize the reality television industry and expose the alleged mistreatment they’ve dealt with over the years at the hands of these networks. But amid her efforts, Bethenny has gained some enemies — including Andy Cohen. Oof.

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During an appearance on the Team Coco’s Literally! with Rob Lowe podcast Thursday, she talked about her campaign to start a reality star union. While plenty of stars are already on board to reveal the dark side of these shows (over 80 last we heard!), Bethenny shared that she has been dealing with some backlash amid the public battle, especially from Bravo and that network’s king:

“I can tell you with great certainty that everyone at Bravo likely despises me, including Andy Cohen, because it’s very personal and because they have to protect the realm.”

However, Bethenny isn’t backing down just because a few people don’t like her anymore! She told host Rob Lowe she refuses stay quiet about any longer, saying:

“I have come out on top, made all this money, been the shining example of being successful on reality TV with all these other casualties whose lives have been destroyed. And instead of just counting my money and not pissing anybody off, I chose to, you know, shake that whole thing up and burn bridges and torch the kingdom Khaleesi style.”

Way to throw in a Game of Thrones reference, Bethenny. LOLz! And before anyone chalks all of this up to her being a “disgruntled” former employee, the Skinnygirl founder wants everyone to know that’s not the case:

“As a person who’s been on more reality television than anyone who could speak on this topic, and that’s what’s the most scary about me, because I’m not disgruntled. I wasn’t fired. I was asked back multiple times. I made millions of dollars. I left twice. So I am allowed to speak on this.”

Bethenny maintained she’s just trying to stand for people who are “taking such risks by being their own voice.” But that’s not all. During the strike in Hollywood, she claims reality stars will ultimately be the ones “everybody goes to for cheap labor.” However, Bethenny will not sit back and watch that happen — and claims she’s already been in contact with SAG-AFTRA as she works to unionize reality stars:

“SAG-AFTRA reached out to me. And while we’re talking about a union and what that would look like, they also want to know in the short term what they could do to help. And I was saying there should be some language, some contract language that goes into these contracts that everybody in reality knows to include.”

One of the biggest issues she’s had with networks like Bravo? She can’t believe they’re making employees sign “unrealistic NDAs”:

“Like they can’t just exploit people with these unrealistic NDAs. So it’s a very complicated thing I walked myself into whilst also burning bridges and seeming like I’m biting the hand that fed me, but I fed myself. There are a lot of people who didn’t get fed.”

Obviously Bravo is hitting back. In a statement to People, the network defended the so-called NDAs, saying “confidentiality clauses are standard practice in reality programming to prevent disclosure of storylines prior to air.” The statement continued:

“They are not intended to prevent disclosure by cast and crew of unlawful acts in the workplace, and they have not been enforced in that manner. To be clear: any current or former cast or crew is free to discuss and disclose any allegedly unlawful acts in the workplace, such as harassment or discrimination, or any other conduct they have reason to believe is inappropriate.”

This fight is heating up, y’all! You can listen to the full podcast HERE.

At this time, Andy hasn’t commented on Bethenny’s new remarks. But boy, do we want to know what he has to say about his new enemy! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Bethenny Frankel/YouTube, Watch What Happens Live/YouTube]

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