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Billie Eilish Goes Full Taylor Swift! These Powerful Songs Are Totally About Her Ex!

Billie Eilish Album Taylor Swift Songs Ex-Boyfriend

Is Billie Eilish going more Taylor Swift? Or are fans just quicker to pick up on this kind of thing thanks to Tay? Either way, we’re kind of into it!

Billie dropped her new album Hit Me Hard and Soft on Friday, and it seems like more than one track is about a very public relationship. Ooh, juicy stuff!

As fans know, the Bad Guy singer started dating singer Jesse Rutherford in 2022, making their red carpet debut that November. The relationship wasn’t without its controversy, what with the 10-year age difference. It’s not always a big gap, but when you’re talking someone as young as Billie, who was just 20 when they started dating? Especially since they first met when she was even younger, like 15 years old? You can see how some fans were concerned.

Billie Eilish and boyfriend Jesse Rutherford on red carpet

The relationship ran its own course though, and ended some time the following spring. They announced the breakup in May 2023. When asked on social media, Billie said the pair were now “very very good friends only.” The whole thing was pretty private, considering how interested fans were. Now Billie is apparently giving a glimpse into their issues in the best way possible — through her songs.

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Fans are pretty sure two songs on the new album are about the Rutherford romance. First, there’s Skinny, the opening track in which she sings:

Fell in love for the first time / With a friend it’s a good sign / Feelin’ off when I feel fine / 21 took a lifetime

Since it’s about falling in love AND mentions turning 21, fans naturally are putting two and two together here, and they add up to Jesse. Innerestingly though, the song is mostly about not feeling as happy-go-lucky on the inside as you look on the outside. We mean, it’s about Billie, but is it also about Billie/Jesse??

The other track is more complicated. It’s called Wildflower. This one listeners have determined is about Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Devon Lee Carlson. Jesse dated her for six years before they eventually broke up in 2021. Billie and Devon were friends. So yeah… she broke girl code to date The Neighbourhood singer. The song is about the guilt she felt, a relationship being haunted by an ex, all those feelings getting jumbled up and poisoning what should be a pure, beautiful feeling. Billie emotionally delivers the lines:

She was cryin’ on my shoulder / All I could do was hold her / Only made us closer until July / Now I know that you love me / You don’t need to remind me / I should put it all behind me, shouldn’t I?


But I see her in the back of my mind all the time / Like a fever, like I’m burning alive, like a sign / Did I cross the line?


Well, good things don’t last / And life moves so fast / I’d never ask who was better / ‘Cause she couldn’t be / More different from me / Happy and free in leather

With lines like “Do you see her in the back of your mind in my eyes?” and “But every time you touch me, I just wonder how she felt”? Yeah… Much more intense and intimate than anything Billie communicates on social media and interviews. And you know what? That’s exactly the way it should be. Songs are bigger, more powerful than conversation. Speaking of which, the music imbues even those amazing lines with so much more meaning.

Wow! Amazing stuff, right?

What do YOU think of Billie giving us more romance-based songs??

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