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Even Billie Lee Stopped Being Friends With Tom Sandoval! Because Of His 'Toxic Relationship'!

Even Billie Lee Stopped Being Friends With Tom Sandoval! Because Of His 'Toxic' New Relationship!

Tom Sandoval has lost yet another person in his corner…

Throughout the aftermath of his cheating scandal, Perezcious readers will recall there was one person who stood by him the most despite all the backlash: Billie Lee. She continuously supported her longtime friend during Scandoval, even though she lost her pal, Ariana Madix, as a result.

However, even she is done with him now! Their friendship is over! But it has nothing to do with his affair with Rachel Leviss! Instead, his “toxic relationship” with his new girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson, is apparently to blame for their falling out! Buckle up, y’all! The details of this friendship breakup are wild!

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During Wednesday’s episode of her Billie and the Kid podcast, the comedian confirmed she’s no longer pals with Sandoval. Nor his girlfriend! Billie shared that her mental health declined when the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman started dating Robinson “because it was so toxic.” She explained:

“The fighting is constant. It’s the most toxic relationship I’ve ever seen in my life. I literally would cry. And that was the situation where I felt I could no longer be friends with both of them.”

Jeez. It got to the point where she “was feeling so much anxiety” and “was just feeling uncomfortable being in a house” with both of them. She continued:

“Obviously I gave up a lot for Tom. I lost a lot of friends and I was there for him as much as I could be. I have no regrets. I 100 percent love that I was there to help a friend out.”

But now she can’t be around either of them. Whoa. How did things get to that point? According to Billie, Sandoval “was sober for a very long time” after his breakup with Ariana. After he met Victoria? Everything changed. Billie said he “started drinking again,” but it wasn’t the only red flag — she also noticed “a lot of alarming things” happening. As she mentioned, the couple fought all the time — which she often got dragged into. Billie also became concerned with how Tom was acting once he and Victoria got more serious:

“Especially with how the house was a mess all the time. There was drugs lying around everywhere. It was just a very dark time. He literally was just always depressed. They were fighting all the time. I would get dragged into the fights.”

At first, Billie and Victoria were close. She recalled the model would shower her with gifts and FaceTime her all the time like they were good friends. Over time, though, Victoria started to have issues with Billie spending time with Sandoval:

“Tom and I didn’t really hang out a lot one-on-one. That was fine with me. I’m so happy that they’re together.”

Then, all hell broke loose the moment they did spend “one-on-one” time together! One day, Sandoval asked Billie to come over to his house to eat food and watch a movie so they could spend some “alone time” for the first time in a while. During the hangout session, Victoria kept “calling and calling and calling.” When Sandoval answered the phone, the pair got into a massive argument. Over what? Victoria thought he would hook up with Billie that night:

“He had to go upstairs. They got into a fight. He came downstairs and he said, ‘She thinks that we’re going to sleep together tonight.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’”

Can you blame the girl for questioning Sandoval? This guy carried out a months-long affair with his girlfriend’s best friend! And that wasn’t even the first time he cheated on Ariana — or a girlfriend for that matter! He doesn’t have the best track record of staying faithful to a partner! Plus, there have been affair rumors about Billie and Tom in the past… So we understand why Victoria freaked out…

However, if she can’t trust the man, why date him at all? Because being so controlling and paranoid? That isn’t good for anyone involved.

Anyway, back to Billie though. Victoria’s suspicions weren’t just about Sandy, obviously. Her assumptions “hurt” Billie’s feelings to the point where she was uncomfortable “being alone with them.” Plus, she felt there were still a lot of red flags about Victoria. For instance, she complained to her about being with him during the backlash from Scandoval. She even called up Billie one time “slurring her words talking about how much she hates Tom Sandoval.” What? Again, we ask, why is she even with him then?! Billie continued:

“Anyone dating Tom — and I even told Tom this — they have to be somewhat thirsty and a little desperate in a way. She would say, ‘I need to break up with Tom.’ … She would proceed to tell [his cousin and assistant] Josh that she’s embarrassed to be with him. She can’t bring him to parties.”

We mean, Sandoval was one of the most hated men in the world at one point. He’s not exactly great for anyone’s brand at this point! Not to mention he’s nowhere close to being on the same level of fame as her ex-boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio. Victoria should have known what she signed up for when she started dating him!

The biggest red flag for Billie? She noticed Victoria tried to move Ariana’s belongings from the home — the same home she still owns with Sandoval! Billie claimed:

“Victoria demands that Tom move out of the guest bathroom and bedroom into the master bedroom and get rid of Ariana’s stuff. And I’m like, ‘You shouldn’t touch Ariana’s stuff.’ Then she wants all of Ariana’s stuff out. So they moved her stuff and I was so upset and bothered by that.”

So RUDE! Don’t touch someone else’s stuff, especially when she owns that house you’re sleeping in!

The final straw for Billie ultimately hit because Sandoval kept drinking with Victoria. People who worked for him also became “worried” when he stopped showing up for meetings due to being “sick.” So Billie staged an intervention with other friends. However, things didn’t go to plan. He didn’t even show up to the meeting! By that point, Billie knew she had to be done with him and Victoria:

“We were all very worried for him. So we created this group to really sit down and talk to him. I didn’t include Victoria. This is what was the final straw for all of us. I didn’t include her because he literally started drinking with her and for her. It was a failed attempt because he didn’t show up to the ‘intervention.’”

Wow. Billie spilled all the TEA! Watch the podcast episode (below):

At this time, Sandoval has not reacted to the claims from Billie — though he can’t while filming Season 3 of The Traitors. However, Victoria appears to got things covered for him! Bravo accounts shared a screenshot a post from her private Instagram, in which she denied all the allegations! Victoria clapped back on Instagram Stories on Thursday, writing:

“In response to the outrageous lies with the recent Billie and Jo podcast — absolute lies. Response with the TRUTH coming soon. But first let me make something VERY clear. I have never and would never touch belongings that aren’t mine nor have I suggested to do so. I have nothing but respect for Ariana and it’s not my place to get involved. Girls, shoot your shot at staying relevant with your lies and made up stories but the truth will come out soon enough.”

“The truth will come out soon”? Does Victoria plan to drop receipts? What’s happening next? We’ll have to wait and see! Check out the post (below):

Messy, messy, and messy!!!

Reactions to the drama, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo/Billie & the Kid Podcast/YouTube, Tom Sandoval/Instagram]

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