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Brian Laundrie Was Involved In 'Aggressive' Incident At Restaurant The Same Day As Gabby Petito's Final Text

Gabby Petito Murder: Brian Laundrie Was Involved In 'Aggressive' Incident At Restaurant The Same Day As GF's Final Text To Her Mother

We already knew about the altercation that led Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito to be stopped and interviewed by police. But apparently just days later they were involved in another incident!

As the story of Gabby’s tragic death continues to spread, we’re getting more witness accounts giving us a better timeline of their final days. The latest claims Brian got into a massive argument at a restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming — around the same time Gabby supposedly sent a final text message to her mother.

Speaking with Fox News, Nina Celie Angelo claimed she saw the 23-year-old become super “aggressive” with the female staff members at Merry Piglets between 1 pm and 2 pm on August 27. She told the outlet:

“I have chills right now. It’s crazy because it wasn’t just like we passed them on the street. It was a full-blown incident.”

According to Angelo, this wasn’t just someone getting angry and storming out. She says Laundrie left and returned to the establishment four times during the blowout. While she couldn’t hear the exact conversation with the employees, she believed Laundrie was quarreling over the bill. Inneresting that she noted he was being so aggressive with the female members of the staff…

The blowup was so embarrassing, Angelo says, Petito later returned and apologized for her fiancé’s disturbing behavior.

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If this is true, it most likely would be one of the last sightings of Gabby alive. More than 4 hours later, Angelo says, her boyfriend passed the couple’s white van just north of the area. It’s unclear if anyone was inside.

As we mentioned before, Gabby’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, revealed to police that she received an “odd text” from the 22-year-old van-life vlogger about her grandfather that same day, which read:

“Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.”

However, per a warrant, the mom noted that Gabby never referred to him that way before:

“The mother was concerned that something was wrong with her daughter. This is the last communication anyone had with the subject.”

Schmidt previously told she actually got a message from her child in August about there being “no service in Yosemite.” At the time, though, she pointed out that Brian may have sent the “weird” texts from Gabby’s phone to throw her family off their location. Now, this seems more and more like a legit possibility by the minute, because as we all know, he showed up in Florida just a couple days later — alone.

His argument at the restaurant also comes the same day that a YouTuber couple drove by the duo’s completely “abandoned” van at Grand Teton National Park:

“We came across a white van that had Florida plates. A small white van. We were going to stop and say hi because we’re from Florida too, but the van was completely dark. There was nobody there, so we decided to continue on our way.”

With these new details, we cannot help but wonder — did this restaurant argument set off Brian? Could this “aggressive” incident have been just before her death?

We may never know unless the police can find Laundrie, who went missing after heading out on a hike last week and never returning home.

Investigators are currently searching in the dangerous “gator and snake-infested” area of the Carlton Reserve in Florida. According to People, they even pulled divers to search “large bodies of water” on Tuesday:

“Area resources are looking at large bodies of water, including dive teams, boats, and sonar equipment. At this time, this does not mean anything has been found. It’s a part of the overall search process.”

We will keep you posted if any major information about the search comes out.

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram]

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