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Huh?! Brian Laundrie's Date Of Death Listed As BEFORE He Reportedly Disappeared?!

Brian Laundrie Death Date Missing Parents

Well, this is another wrinkle we didn’t expect.

Brian Laundrie was found dead nearly two months ago, way back on October 20, and information about his passing hasn’t exactly come quickly. We finally learned cause of death over a month later, as family lawyer Steven Bertolino was actually the first to reveal the 23-year-old died by suicide, a single gunshot wound to the head.

Now it’s been almost another month. And we still don’t have time of death. Shortly after Gabby Petito was found, as part of her autopsy results we were told she died an estimated 3-4 weeks before being found. That hasn’t happened here.

So why does a burial website have it listed? And why is it listed for before he even supposedly disappeared??

Chris and Roberta Laundrie waited until September 17 to tell police their son left on a hike days earlier. They first said he left on Tuesday, September 14 — then later changed their story to Monday, September 13. But for now we’ll skip that incredibly suspicious switch and focus on something new.

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According to, a website for people to find the burial places of those they know and famous folks they don’t, in order to pay their respects, Brian’s death was on September 8, 2021.


They got the rest right, the fact his parents chose to cremate his remains, where he was found, that’s all accurate. So where did they get that date?

Crucially, that’s five days before he left for his final hike. How could he have died before he left? Well, naturally the mere mention of the possibility was all it took for internet sleuths to once again point fingers at Brian’s parents. Conspiracy theorists even posted comments on the confusing reveal like “I say that the parents killed him” and “Why haven’t his parents been arrested yet?”

Can’t say we’re surprised. The Laundries’ story was full of holes, they somehow knew exactly where to find their son’s body. It isn’t exactly shocking that many have wondered if they moved their son’s body from their home or whether they even had a hand in their son’s death.

Even Gabby’s family seemed to suggest last month that they expect Chris and Roberta may have criminal charges still coming.

But as far as this timing being another clue?

Well, here’s the thing — doesn’t necessarily have any new info. It turns out it’s rather like Wikipedia, made up of crowdsourced information — where anyone can post details. So it’s more than likely someone just plain got it wrong. In fact, it seems since the confusion came up, it’s been changed to simply say September 2021. You can see HERE.

It does once again raise the question, however… why haven’t authorities given us more information on Brian Laundrie’s time of death? Is there more left to the investigation??

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[Image via FOX13/YouTube.]

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