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Another Woman Claims To Have Picked Up Brian Laundrie Hitchhiking In Wyoming: DETAILS

brian laundrie : another woman comes forward with hitchhiking story

More Brian Laundrie stories are coming out.

In light of Gabby Petito’s death being ruled a homicide, interest in Brian has reached a fever pitch, particularly since a warrant has recently been put out for his arrest. The hunt for Brian continues, but in the meantime, we are also slowly getting a clearer picture of the events surrounding Gabby’s death.

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A few witnesses have already come forward about encounters with Brian during the window of the 22-year-old’s murder. On Thursday, a woman named Norma Jean Jalovec added her account, claiming she picked him up while hitchhiking on August 29, after he “freaked out” and exited another driver’s car.

Jalovec, described as a seasonal Wyoming resident from Florida, told Fox News Digital she had “spontaneously” decided to attend a Catholic mass at Chapel of the Sacred Heart in Grand Teton National Park. The church is about 1.2 miles from Jackson Lake Dam, where TikToker Miranda Baker had allegedly dropped Brian off.

After attending the mass, Jalovec spotted the 23-year-old on the road with his thumb out “around 6:15 or 6:20 past the dam near Pacific Creek Landing.” She shared:

“I picked him up… Something just said, ‘Hey, ask him where he’s going.'”

Brian sat in her passenger seat and asked if she would be going to Jackson. When Jalovec said no, he asked to be dropped off at the Spread Creek dispersed camping area. As they made the 20-minute drive, they engaged in small talk. As per Fox News:

“He told her that he spent time hiking near Snake River and that he had a fiancée. He told her he had seen elk and moose but no bison, and when he asked her if she needed any gas money, she said no.”

When they approached the campsite around 6:30 or 6:40, Brian asked to be let out at the gate; when Jalovec offered to drive him inside, she recalled he tried to “get out of the moving car.” She apparently joked that he was trying to “impress his fiancée by hiking into the campground rather than hitching a ride,” to which “he responded only by insisting that he be let out of the vehicle.”

She only realized that her hitchhiker was Brian after seeing Baker’s TikTok about giving him a ride. She added:

“Everything’s legitimate. Everything’s corroborated. I already talked to the FBI.”

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It seems as though Jalovec believed something spiritual was at work that brought the wanted man into her car, as she emphasized a moment during te ride when “a Bible on her dashboard to fall onto Laundrie’s lap.” (Brian’s reaction was to simply return the book to the dash.) Reflecting on her spur of the moment decision to go to church, she said:

“I can’t explain why I was there. It was something I don’t typically do. I don’t pick up hitchhikers in Florida. I’ve gotten so much s**t from family and friends for picking up a hitchhiker.”

Jalovec’s story does not necessarily shed any new light on the case, as we knew Brian inevitably returned to the scene of the crime to pick up the van, which he then drove back to Florida. This information may not help find Brian now, but perhaps filling in the timeline will be useful later in the investigation.

[Image via Gabby Petito/YouTube & Brian Laundrie/Instagram]

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